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She's an amazing artist - but I agree with everyone else who would want to cut or eat the cake.
Yeah the new website was up for 30 minutes yesterday and I happened to catch that special window of opportunity!
So I am waiting (I am pathetic I know) but I am excited to see what cake central magazine will be like - and if my precious money was worth (I hope so) and I just ordered Sharon Zambito's new Sheets DVD and a Bonus DVD and so now I am waiting, waiting for my glorious mailman to deliver - LoLHope all of you are having a great day -
Thank you!
Sadsmile your hilarious - I open up the page and the first thing I see is our post. LOL =)
Thank you!And yes.
So excited - can't wait.
I made the blue and white topsy turvy cake - I wrap my cake with white fondant and then took a template I made and cut out the blue and wrapped it around the already covered cake. I then took black fondant and my clay gun and made the black rope that goes around the cake. The dots are royal icing. If you have anymore questions let me know.
Why can we still not vote?????
hmmmm ... I wonder when they'll allow us to start voting?
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