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I've noticed over the last couple weeks many people have said that the have puckers or dimples or air bubbles in their royal icing. I found this is a book and thought I would share.The book is Floating on Air by Linda Wong (I bought it because someone mentioned that it had bridgeless extension work - it does and it amazing)But anyways - She mentions paddling her icing on a flat surface to help take out air bubbles and then putting it in a parchment bag with a tip 2 hole...
My sons elemantry school's mascot is a leopard and I thought it would be cute to make it for the teachers. But I'm not sure what pan they used. Any Suggestions on how I might be able to do this?'ve already tried to pm the original cake deocrator.
What a great idea - I bet your children loved it!
I bought it - and I think it was worth it.
Yeah its a lot of money - I thought the same thing. But it does go through a lot of technique. Run-in sugar technique (right on the cake), royal icing/color flow, two tone buttercream, chocolate tranfers, Frozen Buttercream Transfers, Air brushing tehcniques. The $9.00 DVD has a fun new border.I bought them and feel like I learned alot - its sheet cakes - and I'll probably never do those but the info was good. Time totally about 5 hours.
I have them all - but I have acquired them slowly - I got the topsy turvy dvd first, just like you I had a wedding cake to do that was topsy turvy. So I would really recommend getting this one - very, very helpful. If you can get 2 I would purchase the buttercream one next - its amazing. Since I have purchased that dvd my icing looks awesome. I did a cake for a friend and everyone thought the buttercream was fondant because it was so smooth.Good Luck - you'll never...
chocolate with white chocolate ganache filling iced in buttercream
Does anyone know the results or when they'll be shared with us?
you can had roll your pearls using fondant here is a link on how to do that:
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