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I've never thought much about sheet cakes - but I did just get Sharon Zambito's sheet cake dvd and she has some fun cute ideas - even fun ideas to help with writing.
I also tried IMBC this weekend and I felt the same way, my children wouldn't even eat it that all scraped it off their cupcake (LOL). My 7 year old said it tasted like eating butter (an I used unsalted). I stick with my buttercream recipe that uses real butter. No offense to those who like it.I just have a different palate.
So would albumen powder be better to use in royal icing strings & extension work?O - and thanks for replying
What is the difference between meringue powder and albumen powder?Is one better than the other?
drakegore Linda was discussing why showing a large space to fill. She also mentioned that if you notice bubbles appearing to pop them with a needle. Sorry about your dimples though - the cookies are beautiful though.And to everyone else your welcome. I have enjoyed the book so far the extention work is amazing. and she does thing that I had never thought about.
You can get it on ebay or amazon. I payed about $9.00 that with shipping from the UK and I got it 6 days after I ordered it. Here's a link
I just got the boo "Floating on Air" by Linda Wong today and the work it in is amazing. I'm so excited - thank you SweetFlowers for telling me about it.
I've also used a Blue Pearl by Linnea's cake & candy supplies - it also give an opal appearance.Good Luck
I had to really search to find thisforum again - I posted an answer on another forum. I hope it helps I have not yet tried it but the info does come from a master.
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