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I am a legal baker out of my home and the people in my area do not want to pay anything. They have the idea that if I can do it then they must be able to do it for a whole lot cheaper. I was asked to do a four tier wedding cake with several different gumpaste flowers cascading down the side. I explained that it would be $390 and then about died - they told me they could make the same cake for $25.00. It gets old!
It looks like royal icing to me - the flower is a petunia with lines and a center cone with small yellow dots added. Here's a link on how to make a petunia from wilton: The leaf looks like fondant/ gumpaste pressed on a viener. Hope this helps good luck!
I have transported a 4 tier wedding cake 4 1/2 hours through 4 canyons and it made it without any problems. It just depends on how you stack the cake.
thanks Rylan!
I agree with everyone else - it really sounds like shes trying to get another free cake and even though she said your last cake was "inedible" she obviously enjoyed it enough to want another. I would leave it at where its at, I would'nt ever respond to her last email and forget about her.
Thanks for the tips!
Mine does the samething and I can not figure out why. I evantually give up and through it away. And I haven't gotten water in mine. Maybe someone should do a tutorial for people like me.
Here is another link for the book, but you'll have to pay a lot more.
I can't remember who but some one told me that they use Unbreakable Gel. It's used a lot in competitions. You can get it at Global Sugar Art.
I love string work and I am now trying my hand at bridgeless extension work. A really good book to buy is "Floating on Air" by Linda Wong. She goes through it is all and talks about icing and how to keep the lumps out and recipes to use. I'm very pleased with it and even happier it only cost me somewhere around $9.00 and that includes shipping. Here's a link...
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