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Way to go Shirley! It’s a stunning creation and worth every cent!
I am finding making fondant a bit thicker is much easier... you can buy spacers that you can put either side of your fondant as you roll it out. This helps you roll it out at the same height and to the required thickness too.
They are sooo cute! I love Mr Scarecrow!
Hey just checked out your cake photo… this cake IS great! I can’t get my BC that smooth and I am guessing you did the design freehand? Another thing I find really hard to do! (heck I have enough trouble colouring in the Wilton character pans! ) Awesome work!!
Sorry but there is no excuse for bad manners…. I am prepared to get my neck chopped off here but I don’t think it’s the level of cake we should be concentrating on it’s the level of effort you put into it. I don’t have to even see your cake to give it a thumbs up BECAUSE you did but a great deal of time and effort into it… and for that you should be congratulated!!I agree with bobwonderbuns… there is always something positive to find in everything.Big hugs to youKathryn
I am soooooooo excited about learning this, I have the same instructions in some books I have but Lorraine you just have a way that makes it all “click” for people. I think the cakes looks so finished this way. I did this cake yesterday – your way of not having fondant under the cake will stop it going all soggy too!Aine2 you are truly the best! Thank you sooo much for sharing your talent with us all. I am now off to buy heaps of ribbons…. Never a bare board for me...
Thanks Emma – I can’t wait to try this, your cakes are fabulous!! Thank you for sharing
Thanks so much guys, you are all so kind.... I am still buzzing....
Well amberhoney, I just checked out your cakes…. And I say thank goodness you didn’t enter!!! I think you may have just taken the $8 prize money home!!PS: It’s the Kumeu Show (Auckland)
LOL Shirley, I can’t see you picture so I googled them… I remember these two! I laugh because I only just noticed they are naked…. In this PC world we live in now I don’t think they would be allowed!!! Too cute
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