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I use contact paper a lot of times as well as the Wilton foil. You can buy contact paper for about $2 a roll and it comes in some cute designs also you can put the clear over wrapping paper or stickers to match the theme of your cake.
When I was reading this post thought I had been missing out on something but I see i am not the only one what is SPS??
I am Teaching A Continuing Ed Class at a local community college on beginning cake decorating and I thought it might be fun to make a cute handout that tells about different types of icings (we will primarily be working with buttercream). I thought it might be neat to make a handout that told about the options that are out there. So anyone want to contribute any to my list. I've thought of ganache, royal, fondant, gumpaste, me out here
Hi,I haven't been on much in awhile and I just found this thread. I can't come tomorrow. I live in Hickory, NC and would love to be included in the future list of upcoming events.Have fun at the meet and greet it sounds great!Abbey
I've made cake balls several times several different ways with different things as the binding agent. If you want a the texture to be more cake like just use less creamer. You just need enough to make your cake stick together so you can roll it into balls which doesn't take much. Play around with the receipe a little. You can use creamer, buttercream, peanut butter all sorts of things as binding agents for cake balls. Different flavors of cake are good with different...
My mama always told us "the only stupid question is the one you don't ask."
Helen,My Husband lost his father to a massive heart attack in January. it was such a shock and so painful. Our prayers are with you. Life is definantly different after you lose someone so quickly. I think it made my husband, chidren and the rest of my family even more precious to me. I know this time will be hard for you and your sons and I will pray that your family will grow stronger as I believe ours has.
Thanks for posting about the hot knife. I have always struggled getting a good cut. I am going to have to try that.
AC Moore will also take any competors coupons as well.
Weekend warrior here. I love making cakes maybe someday it'll be a profession but for now just for fun.
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