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Is Blue Velvet cake the same as Red Velvet with only the food coloring changed from red to blue??? I can't find much info on this. Please help!!!
Use Rich's whipped topping to ice the ice cream cake. Work fast and when you see it look like it is melting, stop and put it in the freezer to harden up again. Take your time and just be careful! You will be fine! Good luck!
Thank you for all of your suggestions and inputs. I have to make hibicus flowers and thought I was going to use royal icing to make them. I see now that the way to go is to use gumpaste. I have to make these for a wedding cake in September but I am going to make them for the bridal shower on cupcakes in August for a trial run, so the bride-to-be can see if she approves!
Thank you for sharing!! Now my son wants a camo cake for his birthday and my daughter was happy to hear that it would look cool done in tye-dye!
Wow now I want a drink after reading this!!!! Yummy!!!
Thank you very much!
I need help!! My niece wants a bakugan ball cake. All the pictures have the ball opened. I need a picture of a ball with it closed. I am asking for your help to tell me where to go to find it. Please and thank you in advance! It's needed for this weekend.
Yes that is what we are talking about the RichWhip Non-Dairy Topping. Yes that will work for everything that you need. You are very welcome!
Thanks cubcakes! They are all excellent ideas. I didn't think of any of them. Good job!
Daniellemhv is absolutely right. I used to work at an ice cream stand and I used Rich's or Super 50 but I don't think that they make Super 50 anymore. That was years ago. I would go with Rich's and it will go in the freezer and be okay.
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