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Sounds like a plan. I had to google what skor was and then I recognized it immediately although I don't think I have ever had one. I am not sure how that is possible given my sweet tooth! I wanted to introduce chocolate to the cake in a inconspicuous way so I think this will be perfect! Plus my husband will have no idea what it is which makes it a good surprise.
My husband has requested a pumpkin cake with caramel frosting for his birthday (today). I plan on doing a pumpkin bundt cake with a caramel glaze/frosting. I would like to have some kind of surprise filling but am at a lost (and very short on time!) for what to do. A quick google search gives me a standard streusel filling but that didn't catch my eye too much and it kind of makes it feel breakfasty. I am open to cupcakes but a bundt cake seems so much easier.Any ideas?
I would suggest chatting with some of the other vendors that she does business with. Do the other vendors allow her to package their products? It seems a bit weird.
What kind of frosting do you put on rv?
Thanks. I went with the one on allrecipes and made cupcakes. They came out really good but I think they were a tad too sweet and not chocolately enough. I followed the recipe exactly except made cupcakes with them. So I guess that one is a keeper I will just have to remember to modify it next time. I have yet to ice them so I might just have to try the crusting cc. Can I freeze the cupcakes after I frost them?
I am trying to decide between two recipes for a red velvet cake that I have to make tonight. One is on CC: the other is on allrecipes: swear I remember making the one on allrecipes but it was so long ago. There are several comments on there that are making me second guess how good I remember the cake...
I agree. She said something like that during the show because she overheard Mary saying how great her cake was. I think she thought she had it in the bag and it was a big blow when the judge criticized her design and then to top it off she didn't win. I think it would be a big blow to anyone's ego regardless of how nice they are. How many winless challenges has she been on? Plus she did something that I don't believe anyone else has done with that arch. Pretty...
Wow I was really disappointed that the TWO decorators didn't finish. I totally agree with the judge's decision although I really like the arch technique in Bronwens cake. Very controversial though.
So basically CC is the best website ever
I will have to agree to a certain extent b/c I would like to think that I am an exception. I also do not believe it has a lot to do with mixing youth and higher ed. I believe it has an incredible amount to do with the lack of autonomy that teenagers have so when they do get to college they don't quite know how to act. But that's just my opinion as interpreted through the incredible book, "Suburban Nation: The Decline of the American Dream and the Rise of Sprawl"
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