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Always start with the lightest color first. I start with yellow, then green, and then brown. Do in splotches, rather than spraying colors over each other.
I'm not sure the first post went thru so please forgive if it comes twice.I have a large cupcake order coming soon, three flavors in three different color papers. I have read that some don't like the look of the baked colored papers. Can I double the papers with a white liner inside of the colored paper. I'm afraid that they will separate after baking. Any ideas on how to stick the two papers together without burning. I had thought maybe piping gel or something.Susie
I sprinkle the top of the cake with a light coating of granulated sugar and then flip it over onto a second board. The sugar will help keep it from sticking for a few minutes. Then pick up the cake and the board and hold the two at a slight angle to the bottom cake. Line up the sides of the cakes so that they are straight up and down. Slide the top cake on to the lower cake by pulling out the cardboard.
You can draw the design backwards on a thin piece of cardboard. Go over the design with royal icing so that it is built up and then press the cardboard on the cake icing. It will act like a pattern press.Susie[/b]
Hi,I had a student ask me about natural food colors to color icing. Any suggestions welcome. I know that most colors have chemicals and are not any where near "natural coloring". TIASusie
does anyone know how to mix sea foam green colored icing? I have a wedding cake that color.Thanks
I had seen marshmallow flowers on on the covers of some old womans magazines years ago. I would have sworn that they had been roses. I even called Kraft and talked to one of their reps. The one that they sent me was to cut a large marshmallow in half on the diagonal. Then dip the cut side in colored sugar. They used 4-5 1/2 marshmallow petals and then cut the mini marshmallows in slices and dipped them in colord sugar also for the center of the flower. There was...
Thanks for the replies. I think I figured it out. I squeezed one marshmallow into a cone shape and stuck it on a toothpick. For petals, I rolled the mini marshmallows out thinly on powdered sugar. I had to roll it out on both sides. To make the thinned marshmallow petals stick to the cone, I brushed a little water on the petal and it stuck to the base. Thanks again.Susie
Does anyone know how to do the roses from Kraft colored marshmallows? How do the petals attach to each other? Thanks, Susie
Try using remade fudge icing in the little tubs. It goes black with just a little bit of black color and will still taste good.
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