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Hello All!You guys have never failed me! I need to do a baby shower cake for a school principal. The theme is sock monkeys. The cake(s) need to feed about 60 people. Any ideas?? Her hubby is into fantasy football and the baby will be a boy. I was thinking more along the lines of square or sheet cake for ease in serving. I could stack cakes... I don't know...Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Hello Everyone,I hope I ask this ? the right way. I'm making a wedding cake that has 5 tiers. The top would be a 2 layer cake, then a 1 layer, then a 2 layer alternating. With the 2 layer, it would be split with buttercream in the middle. But the one layer wouldn't have icing in the middle. Are those layers served to guests? I'm wondering b/c then some guests would have buttercream filled and others wouldn't. Or am I supposed to try to split the one layer? Can...
Hi all, Thanks! I tried tapping the pan on the counter and that seemed to work. I used to use the baking strips and then for some reason (don't recall now) I stopped. So I will try those again too! Thanks again everyone!!Von
Hi Everyone!!!I'm seeking help...again! I have been baking cakes for a while and I still can't get good corners. I seem to always have one side that's lopsided! It always dips downward. I usually make this side the back of the cake. I look at a lot of pictures on this site and they have perfect corners. I have Magicline 3" pans...thinking this would help...I have tried smoothing my batter, pushing extra in the corners....please tell me what I am doing wrong???!!!!!!
these ideas sound cute.I like the baseball with golf tee on top idea...thx
Hi All,You have been so helpful in the past....I need help. My great aunt is turning 80. I have been asked to do the cake. She likes sports (baseball- St. Louis cardinals and golf- Tiger Woods, flowers, and the colors red and white... I'm not sure what direction to take this's due Saturday....PLEASE HELP! I'll take any suggestions!THanks again!!!!!
oh thanks! I was going way to a $1/butterfly! I've done them before but for relatives (by hand..they are a lot of work!!) I think I'll go in between and charge $2.50/butterfly!! and can someone explain sps and agbay????
thanks everyone...especially for the pic....I'm not sure what to do...everyone has given me so many great ideas...i'll let you know what i decide and post a pic!thanks again!
Hi I need ideas for disc jockeys on a morning radio show. Any ideas?
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