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wow! thanks for that tidbit. I had no idea..haha
Thank you!!! I have been searching and searching to whom make the cake. Now with pinterest, you never know who the original artist is.   J
Hi guys...   I haven't been on in a while...a long while.   I have a question. Does anyone know who created this cake or what the design on it is called? I have been looking for a stencil or anything to help me for days...with no luck     thanks in advance,   Jessica  
HEllo...Can anyone tell me where I might be able to find gumpaste seashell molds in Chicago area? Even a well supplied cake supply store?Have a bride coming a few days and need her to pick them up.THanks in advance
I add mine to sprite. I don't drink very much pop, but I enjoy this. I've added it to frosting before but didn't have a strong flavor.
LOL, I feel the same way about Cream Cheese frosting as you guys do....Horrible! I now mix cream cheese with Rich's base chantilly. It still has the nice creamy flavor of cream cheese but with stability. The first one is with Rich's and the second disaster is without!
Very cute! I need to make it on a sheet cake to feed school children. So I was looking at using FBCT or chocolate transfer. I had the idea of having a "nature scene" with a volcano in the background (3D) then some how adding the dinosaurs around the volcano and then Dora exploring in the foreground... But I wasn't going to use fondant figures. I am actually making this cake really cheap for a friend of my sons Kindergarden class. Anyone else have any examples?
I'm hoping some of you might have pictures of the mixed character boy/girl cakes. I have a dora/dinosaur king cake to do and just looking for some ideas. I have searched the galleries with no luck...Thanks in advanceJessica
¡Qué tan gran thread! Este me tomará días para pasar. Soy todavía en la primera página y totalmente excitado a lo que veo.¡¡Gracias!!!
diamondsonblackvelvet13Thanks! I've seen it, but would love to have the link to save this time.
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