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Loooong ago someone uploaded a cookie pricing chart. I downloaded it changed it and have been using it ever since. Someone wants to post this chart on their blog and I want to give proper credit to the originator of the chart, but I can't find the post anywhere!! Can anyone point me in the right direction? Please see the attachment for a pic of the original chart.
Wanna hear something crazy? Have you ever actually weighed your cake mix out of the box? If I'm making WASC and I only need to do half a box, I'll weigh the mix. It's NEVER the weight the box says. Its always more. Strange, eh?
I recently made the booties shown in that tutorial. I add a healthy dose of tylose to my fondant so that it is very stiff. I don't need and objects inserted into the bootie to hold its shape. The tylose provides enough stiffness for it to hold it's own shape.
The tutorial showing the meringue roses is how I made them, just with royal instead. You use a flower nail and a petal tip, but rather than making petals, you just spin the nail and create a ribbon of icing. When you can't spin any further, wind the nail back the other way again and continue piping the ribbon until the rose is the size you want.
3/8 is 3 oz. A cup is 8 oz so 3/8 is 3 oz. If you're trying to use dry measure, then 3/8 is just under a half (4/8 being a half) and more than a quarter (2/8 being a quarter cup) so your closes bet is 1/3 cup.
Here is a raspberry mousse recipe that I use.'m no pastry chef, but I think if there's no chocolate, then there's generally no eggs. In the recipe I posted, the gelatin mixed into the berry puree stablizes the whipped cream so that it holds it's light fluffiness.
Pastillage is a medium that dries very quickly and very hard It's less prone to absorb moisture than gumpaste. Here's an interesting article on pastillage for your review.
I use this recipe under fondant. Its similar to SMBC or IMBC w/o the eggs. It's not too sweet, its very firm when chilled so it holds its shape under fondant very well.
I made a very rudimentary airbrush booth that folds up for easy storage. It was SO simple and it really cuts down, though does not totally eliminate the overspray. I just taped three pieces of foam core together (it was on sale at Michael's for a buck a sheet). I used packaging tape and left a small gap at the joint to form a hinge that will allow the boards to close up upon themselves for storage. Here's a picture. I could probably tape another board to the bottom of...
I am usually coloring fondant, rather than buttercream, but I don't think the yellow of the butter would alter the coloring that much. If anything, you might just have to add a pinch more purple than you would with an all white buttercream.
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