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just add a dot of chocolate when your setting them on the cake
Hi Valgal820, do you think you can post a link to the you tube video
Merissa and Texas-rose, thanks thats exactly what I needed to know, just one more question, if I make it a couple of days in advance, where should I store it?
I know it probably has been ask before, but I just dont have time to search. How far in advance can you make a sculpted cake that is covered in mmf, also does the fondant get hard? Last week I made calla lilies that dried hard in a day. Any help would be great.
A little more than experimented with them I have made hundreds of CT's and work with the colored choc. daily.
You can also make your writing and other decorations our of chocolate transfer and then dust them with cold luster dust, these cakes I did the writing and roses in choc.
I use gel colors to color my chocolate, you should first melt your chocolate, but be careful not to over heat this will cause choc. to seize also. I use paramont cyrstals but you can use veg. oil add a very little, then add a little color, then oil and so on until you have reached the color you want. Orange, yellow, and green are the hardest colors to make with gel but it can be done, you just need more oil. The key is to add enough oil to keep the choc. near its original...
Thanks TrinaH, The more ya do it, the easier it is, just have fun. Remember only add the oil if you need it. If your coloring isnt making your candy to thicker you dont need to add it.
It's been a long time since i visited this post, for some reason I dont get email notifications anymore. I wanted to try and stress that you can use what your comfortable with or what is available to you. I have been doing chocolate transfers long before they had a name, and I have done literally hundreds of them. I started out using the wafers and myself found them a little thick and somewhat temperamental. I now use almond bark, it is very easy to find, it is...
I dont know if you could find these but I found some rather large plastic pillars at my local cake supply store they were fatter and maybe a little longer than the ones you use for the large separator plates, or maybe check out home depot perhaps you can find wooden spindles or trim that you can cut to size and paint or cover with fondant.
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