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I use french vanilla cake mix all the time. Maybe add more vanilla and take out the almond extract.
Glad I could offer a good tip. Although I wish I could have all the cake stuff I can get my hands on, that turns this into a pretty expensive hobby really fast, so I like to improvise.
I use my icing tips to cut small circles...12 is a nice size but even 8 or 10 would work if you have something small to poke them out with.
I work at a Walmart and up until last week I worked in the Garden Center. I was asked to work as a cake decorator and decided to do it despite my reservations about walmart cakes. The two other decorators have also recently transferred positions, one from maintenance and one from bakery shelf stocker. I could take a picture every day and send it to cake wrecks but I might get in trouble for having a camera at Not to mention how unsquare and unlevel most of...
I would just use a little buttercream to stick them on.
I think i usually end up using 6-7 cups. I have never used a whole bag. I do think it has something to do with heat and humidity tho. It is realy dry where I live.
That is a good point. I wonder if it is really legal to rent them out. I hadn't really thought of it before, but there are lots of places that do it.
I just made black for the first time from chocolate fondant last week and it turned out great. I second that suggestion. I have used the wilton spray before and thought it was crap.
Someone just opened a coffee shop out hear that also sells baked goods, cupcakes and do custome cakes. I was disappointed to see one but what can you do. I think Okotoks would go crazy for a tea place too. My youngest will go to school next year so then I will get much more serious about this.
A separate kitchen is still required. i don't live in a place I can do that now, but hopefully in a couple years. I am thinking of renting kitchen space but not quite ready. My oldest starts kindergarten in september so will have a little more time then. I would love to open a cupcake shop here in okotoks but that is definitely not something i could do in the near future.I try to avoid stampede if I can. Too many crazy people and way too expensive. I took the kids to...
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