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I work at a grocery store bakery and I think that is unrealistic if you have to ice them and decorate them. If you only have to decorate it is probably doable but I would think they would all be pretty boring and look the same. The deco cakes take longer to do with airbrushing and special colors so I can't see doing them that fast. I did 12 my last 8 hour shift and i was rushed, that is icing and decorating and doing a couple deco cakes in there. there all after all...
I always use half butter/half shortening and the rest of the recipe as she has it. Turns out great every time.
The recipe I have says to heat the sugar to 248-250 degrees. I wonder if a few degrees will make that big of a difference.
I like cakeman raven's red velvet...I will have to look for the link tho. I love the cream cheese frosting with it but I know there is a cooked one that lots of people like too.My best advice to making it is to make sure you don't over cook it. It turns out way too dry even if slightly over cooked. Also, I prefer eating it the next day after it has been chilled. For me, that seems to bring out the best flavor and enhance the moistness of the cake.
That is what I do, refridgerate it so the IMBC or SMBC hardens up, then take it out and put my fondant on.
I just use double sided tape to attache the ends at the back.
I would love to do it, but here in Alberta I need to have a separate kitchen that has it's own access and is cut off from the rest of the house. Not possible where I live now but maybe my next house.
Thanks ladies. We ended up with Vanilla Bean and Raspberry. I thought maybe cream cheese too but was too lazy to make 3 kinds.
I am trying a new lemon cake recipe and was planning to try some raspberry frosting on some but thought it might be nice to try something else too. What is your favorite frosting for Lemon Cake/cupcakes?
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