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I would try using either vanilla bean in the recipe or french vanilla creamer as flavoring. I have used both and liked both. I used that on top of the regular amount of vanilla the recipe calls for.
I did mine with a cream cheese frosting that has cinnamon in it....sooooo good with gingerbread.
You can use any cricut cartridge as far as I know however I don't think all paper ones are useful as the images are too intricate to cut out of edible materials.
I have seen them at costco in calgary for $299 but don't think I have seen a new one anwhere near that cheap anywhere else. I doubt that a 250 watt will last long if you are mixing fondant in it.
I think you just need to experiment with flavoring, it makes all the difference and it can be so so yummy. My favorites are lemon, kahlua, and peanut butter.
Sounds like our alberta weather made a little detour to nevada. We had a couple feet of snow this week. As for the cake, Maybe assemble it in two parts, two tiers to each, then just put those together when you get there. Make sure you take some stuff for touch ups and proper tools to put it together. Riding on your lap is recipe for a cake wreck for sure.
You could grease a stainless steel bowl and then put the marshmallows in and melt it over a pot of boiling water like you would chocolate. Might take a bit longer but you won't burn them.
Thanks, it is a lot of work. I didn't mention that it is actually 4 sets of the 12 days of Christmas....48 mini cakes. I am making my sister help me though. I am starting to think that 3d is going to be a pain in the butt, so i might do 2 sets with 3d and the other two sets with 2d images or maybe even just sillouettes. I am going to have a good look through all my cricut cartridges and see if I couldn't do most of them on there. I don't use it much really but to do...
Milk bucket sounds like a good idea. Thanks. Maybe once i get a few of the days done I will find some more inspiration.
I am making some 4" cakes for my sister to give to her staff at work. The theme is 12 days of christmas. I love these little cakes: something simple like this but each cake having a simple decoration for the day of christmas. Most of them are pretty easy to do but am having trouble with the 'Maids a milking' and the 'Lords a leaping' .I really don't want to put people on them but can't think of anything that...
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