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I make black from chocolate all the time. I just finished some this afternoon. Add the color into the fondant before you add the powdered sugar. It will take a lot less to make it black. I used about 3/4 of a teaspoon of black gel color to tint the whole batch black and it worked great.
When I made my lego cake I used a (cleaned) real lego brick to imprint where the studs go on the tops of the bricks so the spacing was uniform. I think the key to making a cake like this look really nice is to have clean straight lines and square corners.
I agree, I think I do way better work then most that I see on there. Some are real cake places on there too. I don't know what kind of traffic ads on there generate. I only make cakes for friends and family and we all know how expensive that I just wish that cake instructors at a certain craft store told their students that just because you take a few classes does not mean you can just go and sell cakes. I think they should have to inform them of the...
I think i have bad timing for uploading pictures. Here are a couple I am really pleased with that I did this month.Spongebob....for my best friend's son Story...for my son Wars...for my husband
I would love to do the same thing. I am out in Okotoks though and am hoping to find something reasonable. I am on the fence about doing it though as there are so many 'home bakers' out there advertising on kijiji and what not that they will do stuff cheaper then others I am not sure I can get the price that I need to charge to make it worthwhile.
I am making Lemon WASC right now. I substitute lemon extract for the almond in the recipe and sometimes add lemon zest. I usually make a lemon flavored IMBC to go on top or cream cheese frosting. It is my husband's favorite and is soooo good.
Make sure you don't overbake it. I find even slightly overbaked the red velvet can dry out.
Sounds like your butter was too cold. I would probably just keep beating it until they softened and mixed in.
I just made Indydeb's buttercream yesterday and flavored it with pureed strawberries to put in a vanilla cake for a kid's birthday.....with chocolate I would do raspberry....yum.
I did 2 dora cakes recently for friends that were a big hit. They are in my pics if you want to take a look.
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