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I make that recipe all the time and use the no taste red and have never had an issue. sounds to me like you put way too much in the pan. better off to do much less and bake the layers seperately. Where the cake is brown is probably going to be really dry.
It sounds to me like there is something wrong with the recipe. There is no way any cake should take that long to bake and i think if the middle eventually bakes the outside will be pretty hard. What kind of cake is it? Posting the recipe might help determine what is wrong for next time.
I buy mine at Walmart.
I did my christmas ones using a 12x18 pan then torting and then cutting into smaller cakes. They are a lot of work and take a lot of time and it is hard to have room to store them all. In the end though, I loved them and decided it was well worth it. I did 48 of them and luckily my sister (who they were for) came and helped me roll fondant.
I am thinking it will take a lot less room in the freezer if I just freeze it as is too. Thanks.
I haven't been to RCHC lately. Guess I need to go. Last time I was there they didn't have anything that big.
So I just dropped my full sheet cake flipping it out to cool. Luckily it fell on the nice clean table but is completely unusable for a cake. I want to make some cakeballs for a bakesale in a couple weeks for charity, so this would be good for that. Am I better off to freeze the cake as is, then thaw, add icing and roll when I am ready, or should I make the cake balls and freeze them already rolled?
I don't think you will have much luck. I buy mine at costco and they are only 1kg bags and I haven't been able to find anything bigger. We have a Bulk Barn opening here in Okotoks soon and I am hoping then I will be able to buy it in bulk. The nice thing about that size is it makes a batch of fondant or buttercream so no measuring needed.
I puree strawberries then strain out the seeds and add them to Indydeb's buttercream recipe and it works really well.
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