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If you are going to do a dummy cake I would say make it a cool kids cake. Then you might get some birthday cake business. Not a lot of people there looking for wedding cake I would think.I have donated stuff to quite a few bake sales. Cake pops were a huge hit at the last one. Cupcakes with fun stuff on them - I did sea creatures and bugs for one sale. Also red velvet is great for the moms. I think most people think of that as a special treat. I did 6" cakes for a...
Sounds like you put too much icing sugar in it. I would put it back in the microwave for 20 - 30 seconds to get the marshmallows soft, then knead it again with a lot of crisco. HOpe it works.
I don't think you will be able to get true white from Wilton. I haven't tried other brands so I don't know if they are better. I thin down the wilton melts after i melt them with a little oil. Otherwise I find them to thick to work with and they don't go on smooth. It has taken me many tries to finally have some success with them. Good luck!
Does it need to be pound cake? I use a WASC recipe, sub in lemon cake mix for the white and lemon extract for the almond and is also nice with some grated lemon peel in it. It is by far one of the favorites of my family and often requested by them.
You may not have heat it long enough or it could have been the eggwhites you used. I do use cartoned egg whites but not all of them say 'liquid egg whites' as the only ingredient. I make this kind all the time, I heat until all the sugar is disolved, it is hot to the touch and frothy in the bowl. I put in mixer, start on on low and work my way up to high as it cools. It should make a very stiff meringue. I have in the past had to add a little bit of cream of tartar...
I am lucky my family is pretty good at understanding how much time and money but friends/aquaintences not so much. I did a cake last year for an aqaintence and when I told her how much i thought the supplies would cost she said that she only had $35 to spend. She wanted a two tier winnie the pooh cake. When I explained to her that wouldn't even cover what i needed to buy, she said 'well what can you do for 35?' So I used a betty crocker mix, some basic buttercream and...
I only use mix when doing wasc and I use betty crocker. The main reason is that here most duncan hines mixes have a nut warning on them but bc do not. We have a few friends with allergies so as a general rule i don't use products with nut warnings.
It really sounds to me like there is something wrong with your recipe. I make that recipe all the time and an 8" round should only take about 25 minutes to bake. Usually when i use his recipe I bake 2 x 8" rounds at the same time. They don't raise a ton but makes a nice 2 layer cake.
I am not sure about the cost of ingredients where you are, but here $1 each wouldn't be much profit and they are a pain in the butt to make. Altho maybe my opinion is jaded since I made 100 of them yesterday for a charity bakesale.
It is really important with red velvet cake to accurately messure your ingredients too.
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