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I should have taken some pics of what I was 'learning' last night. I think I will take my camera next week, that might make her
I live in a small town and the courses are offered here through the cultural center but she comes in from the nearest big city to teach the class. It is in the program guide as a 'learn to make professional cakes' kind of thing, so I really feel I was misled. I know I wasn't the only disappointed person there. Three of the women work in bakeries and want to move into caked decorating at work, so I doubt they will learn what they need to do that. I doubt the BBB can do...
I wish we had a wilton class where I live, but we do not. She says she is a professional but I am thinking her stuff is more likely on cake wrecks. I don't think she is going to like me much as a student because I am going to demand she teach me something. Another lady in the class asked her if she has used marshmallow fondant and she didn't even know what it was. Should be an maybe the third class with tip #18 something might
So I decided to take a real cake decorating class. Up until now I have just learned as I went. After the last cake I made for a friend, I had a lot of positive feedback. I have been thinking for a long time I should try to make this a business once my kids start school. So, the plan, take a class, learn some new stuff and apply to future cakes.The class was such a joke. I knew I was in trouble when I saw the instructor, running late and looking very unprofessional (I...
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