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I just buy egg whites in the carton and save the trouble of dealing with the yolks.
I have had many friends tell me they bought ones at starbucks and they are not anywhere close to being as good as mine. They all say that they don't taste freshly made.
The one I have used most is Cindy Loo. Some very cute things on there plus a couple patterns I have used to cover the top of the cake and turned out nice.This past week I bought one called Forever young as I needed some girly stuff for a graduation cake. I cut out a couple purses with the patterns, folded them like paper and I loved them. I think they will be super cute on cupcakes should I find the occasion to use them.
I very recently made my first and just used the wilton sports ball pan. It was actually not to hard and I love how it turned out.
I have a friend who wants a 3 tiered cake for his daughter's graduation. He really likes the topsy turvy style but doesn't need all that cake. I would like to do the top two tiers using styrofoam dummies but have no idea how to succesfully carve them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I was very please with how this cake turned out. it was for a princess tea party.
Maybe they were having 2 parties...some people like to celebrate the heck out of everything. A party for friends and such and then a family one maybe.
My husband always says that it looks like a 'cake bomb' went off in the house.
Your icing is definitely too think. The wilton recipe as it is written is a stiff icing. for each cup of icing you need to add 2 tsp of water to go from stiff to thin and thin is what you need for icing a cake. When you get it all mixed up and stand your spatula in it, if it is thin it should easily fall over if you wiggle your bowl. If it is thick it will remain standing. Hope that helps.
Put it on a cake board the way you want it and slide it into place.
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