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I find wilton fondant works ok and also wilton sugar sheets. Neither of which I think taste fantastic, but work ok. It has to be rolled so so thin to work. I never have luck with MMF. I am quite disappointed in it as it doesn't seem to give me consistant results so I rarely get it out.
I use pureed fruit all the time in my imbc and have never had a problem. I probably use less thank 1/2 a cup though. I don't really measure it.
We don't have the best of choices for cake supplies in Calgary. There are plenty of Michaels of course and there is a place called PM hobby craft in the NE. They have a website and you can order online if you want to make sure you have what you need when you get here.
There is a strawberry cake recipe on the wilton website that is pretty good.
I hope the store you will be working at is way more organized than where I teach . They do barely anything to promote our classes and what I wouldn't give to get a paycheck that was right.On the upside, I really enjoy the classes and I am sure you will to. It is nice to share my passion with other people. My course 3 class this month is so great and all the ladies are really fun and are doing a great job. I can't wait to see their final cakes next week.
By the time she buys her elmo pan, all of the ingredients, struggles for hours trying to make red icing and adds up all the time and expense for her to do it, I am thinking she will have wished she had just paid you to do it. I think $70 for a two tiered cake is absurd because you may have paid yourself about 10cents an hour to do the work
Thank you for the idea. i will pass that by her and see what she thinks.
A friend of mine wants some cake pops to give to a close friend that she goes to the gym with every day. She wants something themed accordingly. I am drawing a blank. Anyone have a good idea?
That is what I did for my teapot cake. Worked well.
I would just make it anytime, wrap it up and freeze it until you are ready to use it. I save all my cake tops from when I level cakes and do that and have a variety of cake flavors on hand when I feel like making pops.
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