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it may be easier to use chocolate instead. buy a merkins/candy type chocolate in the colors you need. Then take your graphic (don't forget to mirror image it if it is a text graphic) and lay a piece of parchment over it. You should be able to see through it. Now use the melted chocolate in a bag and pipe the outline first. As soon as the outline sets, fill in the inside with more melted chocolate of the color you chose. Once that sets up, take more chocolate and pipe...
if you are doing a tiered cake i think it would be cool to divide the cake vertically.. not in a straight line, but a wavy one... so that one side is pink and one is blue, (that way you are dividing the cake and one color won't be more present than the other as it would be if you were doing different tiers in different colors.) then you could decorate the cake in opposing colors or a different color alltogether if you'd like to tie in the sides (like with a white border...
just how to you become a private pastry chef for major corporation's executive dining room? Sounds really neat, but i haven't seen any kind of job listings for that sort of position. Thanks for the feedback on my site!
thank you so much. I just finished school and now I am trying to find a job. It is hard to find something where I can make cakes! So I am looking at restaurant jobs for now.
Hi! I do live pretty close to Elizabeth. I bake from scratch and do 3-d cakes, (look at my website if you want to see some). Let me know if you want me to make the cake for you if it is not too late. Just pm or email me if you are interested! ~ Christine
Hey everyone. I just finished school last week and have been doing the job search thing constantly. I was wondering if any of you are in the NJ area and know of an opening for pastry chef or cake decorator. I just don't seem to have luck finding a job. Thanks all. ~ pastrypuffgirl aka Christine
hi! I make the hersheys chocolate cake a lot. Usually I fill it with stablized whipped cream and sometimes fresh fruit as well. You are right though, chocolate goes with everything. Happy experimenting! ~ Pastrypuffgirl
yes, bon chance does mean good luck. (If my french teacher was correct lol).
Yes it means good voyage in english.You do not have to put any acents it is just Bon Voyage.
Hi everyone, I am back from my schooling in Switzerland, what a load of chocolate there is there! Good to be back. I am making a chocolate cake that i want to coat in dark chocolate ganache. What is the ratio that you use for chocolate to cream? ( i usually add just a little corn syrup to get the shine) I used to make it when i was in my internship however, it was crappy chocolate and i don't remember the ratio. i am going to use "Bakers" brand chocolate and...
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