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I too use the liquid food color and they work great for coloring water in the fountain.
I must agree, I used mines for the first time last week on buttercream (See my pics: Orange rose wedding cake)and didn't have any problems, I was really impressed, and I as well did not use any powdered sugar or cornstarch on the mat. -raina
Thanks, that's a start and very helpful!
Anyone...someone...with some type of helpful info..
bumping myself
Hey everyone, I have a young lady who is baking 24-36 cookies for her daughter's first birthday and she would like for me to decorate the cookies for her and place them in the bags with ribbons. She wants fondant and royal icing on the cookies. I have to decorate the cookies like her daughter's invitations. I've never done cookies before so I'm not sure of the time in decorating them. How much would you guys charge for something like that??? Any input would be greatly...
IHATEFONDANT I don't think you could have made it any clearer than that!
Okay, thanks ConnieB. I will do that now.
Thanks everyone.
Thanks arosstx. That helps to know.
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