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Works for edible image too !Only a few seconds is needed!
I have done a photo test with seating cards...I have used an edible image..
I use Spices etc.
For me, it was a good investment.. In fact it's my second printer.It's brought me a lot of orders..
I've bought my printer for 69$ in rebate at bestbuy online.I buy my frosting sheet (39$) and ink from goldaskitchen now. Before I was ordering directly from kopykake but with shipping and custom fees.. he doesn't really come cheaper than goldaskitchen.I like to buy from goldaskitchen because I always have something to order so I combine things and the shipping is really cheap!
You can try smashed bananas It's 1/4 cup for one egg
And for the M, when using a stencil, I'm sure you won't need a whole batch of royal icing!
I would go with a small clear box.. but they cost way more than a cello bag..
I don't know for the quantity, but use a stencil for your M.. It will look nicer and more uniform And It will be so much faster!
They probably use fondant
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