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Oh yeah....they ask that you "trust" them on the shipping charges. You do not know the actual charges till you get your bill.
You do not have to be licensed...just have your credit card ready! Great place to buy your cake pans. They forgot to send me one I had ordered and it was NO problem. Customer service was on it. My fancy foil was a little crinkled and the cake circles (100) of them were just tossed in the box, yeah that's right, they were not bagged.
Did you all get the private message from Susan Griffith? I took her up on her offer to email her direct and she went WaaaaYYYY out of her way to satisfy me. Talk about AWESOME customer service! She fixed my account information, address and mailed me the issues that I missed! I'm so stink'en happy!!!
Carol Ann I would love to know of this gizmo you speak of. I have a square cake due in 2 weeks and would love to have all the help possible! I've seen and tried the tutorial but when I pulled the spatula away they icing came with it! Maybe my icing was too thin. I love those razor sharp corners on square cakes.
You got yourself one good man there!!!!
You will do fine! Would you be more comfortable if you tried the recipe yourself first? Do you have time to do that? If not, ask others on this site what they thought of it. I'm sure your decorating skill will knock their socks Off!!!! Best to ya!
Maybe it is our detergent! I filled a bag with icing and started piping and saw little specks of metal. I was totally FREAKING out!!!!!!!! I soon discovered that the metal covering was coming off of the tip! Now this was not hard metal, it was almost paper-like. Anyway, had to through them out!
Oh darling...I know your pain, had it happen to me too! The best part about it is I bet your boss will not even notice!!!!!! I mean it! Of course we do because we know what a perfect cake should look like. He or she is probably use to store bought cakes....full of imperfections! My only advice is do not draw attention to it. I bet they will not notice.
fat-sissy....I love your screen name!! So I can't help you out much in the pricing dept. as I have only done cakes for friends. BUT when I do do them for friends and family I list all the equipment , plates, pillars etc and put what they cost if they are not returned or are damaged. There is something stressfull about wedding cakes, They totally freak me out!!!!
Hey jelligirl...I'm so glad that you clarified what it was that you did not like that I had said. Let me see if I can clarify... In scrapmomof3 post she stated that she was already married and that her husband did not support her in her cake decorating ventures. He did NOT tell her to stop, just was not overly enthusiastic with her taking this hobby on. By my statement I over exaggerated the possibilities of an attitude of selfishness and rudeness that overtime could...
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