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I ordered mine from amazon for the same price on wed last week and it has already shipped it should be here mon or tues. Excited!!
I have an electrolux gas oven/range that is awesome. It has 3 glide out racks and a warming oven at the bottom. It has wave touch controls which are super easy to use. It was a bit pricey but well worth the investment.
Congrats! Beautiful photos. I just celebrated my 10th anniversary on june 27th! Glad to share the day with you both.
I put my in a christmas tin and cover them real good with saran wrap and freeze them. I have done it as early as a month in advance and they have been fine. Only thing is they do take quite a while to thaw, so I recommend taken them out of the freezer at least 24 hours before you are going to use them. HTH
try or
try this link. I used these instructions and they worked perfectly.
Hi everyone! I need help. I want to make my husband a book cake for his b-day since he is an avid reader. I am at a total loss. What size cake pan should I start with and how do I get the edges of the book cover on the cake. I am thinking a 9x13 stacked and carved in on the edges a bit to get the over hang of the cover and then cover in fondant.
Hi all. I need some suggestions I am making a 4th of July cake and the person who ordered it wants the flag part to be raspberries and blueberries Any ideas on how to place them without having them bleed into the icing?
i have one and it is the best investment in cake supplies i have made yet. Well worth the $. They are absolutely the best folks to deal with. Very pleasant and answer all your ?'s. I bought the deluxe model and didnt have to pay for the blade cleaner... but it works very well.
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