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I am actually right-handed but I do lots of my borders in reverse  directions.  Like someone else said - the top in one direction and the bottom in the opposite direction.  Or change up the directions on each tier of a large cake.  I just think it adds more interest.  And, oh, no one has ever said anything about it.  So I guess it is all good.   Just do your best and I'm sure that it will be greatly appreciated.
Royal icing will work.  So will the piping gel.  But when I am in doubt of a large piece of fondant on fondant or a large gum paste flower on the side of a cake with fondant, I use melted candy melts.  It always works for me.  I would suppose that there could be some problem is it is outside in the heat, but, otherwise, it is a miracle worker.
I've seen this pan at two different Wal-Marts.  I think it is something that Wilton made just for them.  But I couldn't figure out how to use it so I passed on it.  I'll be interested to see in someone figures it out.
This was an entry a couple of years ago in the Panhandle Cake Show and Competition.  It was simply amazing.  It was constructed using dummie cakes but this lady could tell you how to do this with real cake.  She is an amazing decorator and this is only one of the any entries she has had over the years in this show.  You can contact her through their local club at .  Her name is Sharon and she is the webmaster for the club.
There was several demos on using stencils at the ICES convention in Reno recently. Everyone of these people recommended royal icing, buttercream icing, or thinned down fondant for stencil work. It was the general consensus of these people that air brushing and misting can be very frustrating. The people who had the Stencil booth had the same recommendations.I have used stencils on several occasions but do not consider myself an expert, but I do agree with these people...
There is some great information in the Tutorial section. The one that I think will help you the most is the recipe and instructions from the Gelatin Butterfly and Flowers. This is the one that she taught us when she came to the Panhandle Cake Show and Competition in 2011. It works every time - with or without the veining sheets.
The same 50% off coupon is on the Michael's App on your SmartPhone. Makes it much easier to use.
The push pillows don't effect the filling. They aren't really that big. And yes, the styrofoam woul be at least 2 inches smaller than the tier that is on top of it. You would have a cake board and cake plate underneath the cake and one underneath the styrofoam so you have lots and lots of support. I would cover it in whatever color you are putting on the tier underneath it. It will blend better that way.It will be much easier than you think - either way. And don't...
I would probably use the styrofoam between the tiers as you can cover it so that it looks good. I have done that in the past and it was very study. I have also done the separation with the pillars and I covered them in fondant and they worked well, too. It's just a matter of what you feel more confortable with. As for the painting on the 4th tier, I think it is hand painted. Good luck and I am sure you will do a fantastic job!
That is correct. Cricut cartridges fit any Cricut machine. Gives you a lot more options.
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