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I posted the link above to the info on the bill that I'm aware of right now. If you look there are links to all the names of senators on that page. the letter I wrote to Rep Kavanaugh I just stated that I fully support this bill, would love to see it pass as myself and so many other cake decorators would love to be able to make a little extra income from home. I specifically said I am a cake decorator too. I want to be sure...
PLEASE, PLEASE send a letter or email to Rep Kavanaugh of the House of Representatives. or House of Representatives 1700 W. WashingtonRoom 114 Phoenix, AZ 85007Phone Number: (602) 926-5170 He is the one sponsoring this bill. As is Will Humble who is the director of the Arizona Dept of Health Services. Both of these men have spoken directly in front of the board/panel are are very pro this bill.The more people we can get behind them, the better! ...
Hopefully very soon it will be legal to do cakes from home in AZ! There is a bill that passed the House of Reps in Feb and is currently about to go into the 3rd reading in the Senate. It's looking VERY good for us!Please see HB2103 for more info. I've been keeping up with it and can't wait to be able to post the results!KimAZ
Good luck!!Arizona is in this exact same process at the moment. Our bill has passed the House and is about to go into the 3rd reading of the Senate.May I ask, why do they want to put a limit on how much people can make per year? The FL bill says $15,000, but why?KimAZ
I've also just painted water on the fondant with a wide, thick bristled brush. Nice even strokes. It works great to make it shiny!KimAZ
I use Molena brand. Tastes perfectly fine to me.KimAZ
Amen sista!!! I think it's quite nervey of people ask flat out ask for a tutorial. If they had ANY clue how long it takes to do the cake, let alone write out every single step in great length and detail, they'd think twice.I can see asking for basic steps or particular questions on parts of a design, but honestly the whole thing? NOT GONNA HAPPEN! Most full length tutorials are called books!KimAZ
Every cupcake store near me offers cake pops/truffles or whatever they want to call them now. Anywhere from $1.50-$3.00 each.KimAZ
I know several non cake magazines often do cake decorating contests. I entered and won a Woman's Day magazine contest last year. I believe Taste of Home does a cake/cupcake contest too.KimAZ
Hi, I was a member because I wanted to go to convention last year ( and it was awesome!!) and got a better rate if I was a member.However, in my state we don't have any ICES days of sharing and I can't go to convention this year so the $60 annual fee is too hefty for just the newsletter alone. I asked if we could get the newsletter alone but they don't do that. ( darn!) Check to see if your state has any DOS. If you plan to attend convention, they the fee is well worth...
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