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The Govenor signed the bill on the 13th! Woohoo!!! This is SOOO awesome!I will continue to post updates as to when exactly the new law takes effect.KimAZ
Hi Everyone, A brand new club has been formed called Cake and Sugar Arts Association. We're based in Gilbert, AZ. This club will include:Cake and Sugar Arts Newsletter, Cake Competition Discounts, Access to Cake and Sugar Art Education, Discount on Supplies, Access to “Members only” forum on website *Coming soon, Free Membership Meetings and DemosThis is the website that will have all the info regarding the "Celebration of Cakes" event...
Cakefrenzyaz is correct! The bill went to the Govenor's office last night. Once she signs it, it will take effect and become law in 90 days.Woohoo!!!! KimAZ
The bill was sent to the Govenor's office last night! I've been told that once she signs it, it will go into effect in 90 days. Sorry, guess the research I found posted above is not correct as far as timing goes. But none the less, all looks AWESOME and we should all be able to start selling our baked goods from home this summer!KimAZ
I always make all the loops the same size: 6" long each, so folded in half they are 3" loops. I make 20 loops for a nice full bow. They are about 3/4-1" wide. When they get assembled, I like to alternate the loops so they don't all lay flat on top of each other. I glue them together with white chocolate which drys fast and holds them perfectly.A fun look for a party cake is to make the loops in different colors. And yet another is to add gum paste baby's breath between...
No other updates yet. I don't know how long it will take to get to the Govenor's desk. However, once it does one of three things can happen.She can sign it, veto it then it will go back to the House or if she does nothing, it automatically becomes law within 5 days. I have a couple friends who do sell their baked goods at coffee houses and farmer's markets right now. I do know they are required some additonal paperwork to do so but I honestly have no idea what that is....
The bill passed the Senate!!! On to the Govenor!!Yes!!!!KimAZ
Yes, DHS is Dept of Health Services.KimAZ
I'm going to take your word for this and give it a try along with everyone else!Gotta love fast, helpful hints!Thanks!KimAZ
I'm not really familiar with how the legislature works but I'm guessing the govenor knows nothing about this bill yet. It can't hurt to send her an email supporting the bill though...go for it!!KimAZ
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