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Hey Jeanne, When you come back, be sure to join us!! Hope all is well in the North!KimAZ
I've been informed the new law will go into effect on July 20, 2011! KimAZ
I understand your point for sure. I only know what is written in the new law. Perhaps that will be something they will include later...I have no idea.KimAZ
This is different though. Since it's a Cottage Food law, nobody has to have an acutal business license. It's no different than doing a bake sale, baking for a work, church or charity event. You can sell the products and no license or health inspection is required according to this new law.KimAZ
Yes, Pebblez this is exactly what this new law is. Anyone can make/bake confectionary goods from home and sell them without a business or license. The only things required are a food handler's card, ingredient label on each product and disclosure that the product is made in a home kitchen.All the info is right on the AZ State Legislature's website here: fun!KimAZ
Here is a link to an article that was published in the Arizona Republic on April 14th regarding the governor signing HB 2103.!! KimAZ
You will need to get a food handlers card. That is stated right in the rules. You do not need to have a business license. They will be setting up an online registry for anyone who wishes to bake and sell from home. I have no idea how they'd enforce this though.Here is the link to that info: law will not be enforced by the Health Dept and there will be no...
Arizona passed the Food Cottage bill into law as of April 13, 2011. we're legal in 90 days from then, July 13th! Woohoo!!!!KimAZ
Hi Cathy, Well, I'm not the law on this but I don't see why you couldn't make a wedding cake. Now I've heard some venues may ask for some sort of license or proof of your business. I've personally never had that happen or know anyone who has. But others tell me this happens from time to time. With this new law though, I'm betting venues may change their thinking knowing it will be legal for home bakers to make these cakes. And yes the rule says any cake would need a...
Morrisaz is correct! The bill was signed yesterday!!!! This is outstanding news for all us Arizonans!! I will continue to post updates as to an exact date this new law takes effect as soon as I know!KimAZ
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