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I watched the links to the actual live legislature meetings in progress ( several months ago online) and that is where I heard this info. The links are still on the AZ Legislature's site under "show bill videos". Since it is a Cottage Food Law, which means we can bake from home there are no license's needed, nor a home inspection. They will require that you have a food handler's card. That is what a cottage food law is...not baking or using a commerical kitchen. Here...
That is not true at all. Go to the AZ State Legislature website and look at the bill, now law. It has an overview of what is required.KimAZ
Hi, Will Humble from the Dept of Health Services says the registration will be online as of tomorrow, July 20th. Problem is, he doesn't say where. I'll keep you posted as soon as I know.KimAZ
I personally only know one shop in my area who does cakes completely from scratch. All other custom cakes shops use box (or bag) mix with or without other additions. There is nothing wrong with a box mix at all in my opinion. They are consistant and taste just fine. Most people are totally used to the flavors, texture and consistancy. There is no need to tell anyone what you use. Just because the ingredients are premeasured for you and come in a box is no big deal....
Photo is here :
The pictures don't seem to want to load at the moment. Will try again.
Hi, I just competed in a master challenge for the Celebration of Cakes show here in Arizona. It was a regular judged cake and sugar art show along with 3 teams of 3 competing in the live challenge. We had 10 hours the first day and 6 hours on day two to complete our cake. We had to bring all our tools and supplies into a make shift "kitchen" which was in the food court of the mall with lots of spectators. The cakes had to be at least 5 feet tall, 4 feet wide and have a...
Hi Betty, Don't be surprised that the people in charge don't know the new law yet. I met with a Health Inspector (Maricopa County) recently and he was very aware of it but told me that it will be a while before the word gets spread around. Of course he told me the "best" way to go is to rent or use a commerical kitchen. He said he wouldn't be surprised if a lot of those using commerical kitchens now will be closing their permits when this law goes into effect. KimAZ
Pastry Pride mixed with a box of cheesecake pudding mix.Totally yummy!!KimAZ
The sponges we used in her class were a thick density foam. I don't know what kind or brand though. I am quite sure those little white make up sponges would work just fine. Just something without the holes.KimAZ
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