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Thank you lilcakebaker! We worked so hard on it! I really appreicate your kind words!KimAZ
I just covered cakes in homemade marshmallow fondant ( but Satin Ice, Fondx, etc work too) and hand painted designs with a paint brush using Americolors right on the fondant. No need to add anything else to it.KimAZ
Just very happy about it ! I just got the Aug/Sep issue of Batter Chatter, which is the California Cake Club's newsletter and am so happy to see an article and photo of the cake my team and I made for the Celebration of Cakes event in Arizona. Things like this make my day!KimAZ
It looks more pinched and gathered to me. I just learned this technique at Cake Camp from Becky Rink's class.Roll a thin strip of fondant and cut to the height you want. The thinner the better so it looks more like fabric. Then gather and pinch the fondant at the top edge of the strip as you go. To apply, start at the bottom of the cake, place the fondant around the tier. Then do the next layer up.I have a cake in my gallery that used this technique in class and another...
Thanks for that article link Kevin! As for using certain fillings that have dairy products, I opt to go with non dairy mousse fillings by using Pastry Pride. You can get it locally at Smart and Final. Mixing that with dry pudding mix makes a really tasty filling!KimAZ
I used to do this method a lot and found that buy pricking the paper with a corsage pin on top of a piece of styrofoam worked better for me than doing it directly on the cake.Once all the holes are in the paper, the back side raises up, like Braille. I would lay the paper on the cake and gently rub it with my hand, lift off the paper and all the little holes would be pressed into the buttercream.Then I'd outline every line with a small round tip, then fill in the colors. ...
You CAN USE EGGS!! When they talk about potentially harzardous they mean RAW eggs. Since baked goods like cakes have eggs that get COOKED, it is perfectly fine.KimAZ
It is my understanding that you must list each ingredient you use in the recipe. So if you use a box mix, it still must list each ingredient from that label then anything extra you add to it as well.According to the AZ Dept of Health website, more "rules" will be coming by the end of the year. I have no idea what that means but I'll keep watch.KimAZ
The food handler's test questions at the bottom of that page online are exactly what they ask on the test, just not all of them. There are only 25 questions on the test and you have to get 20 right to pass. It's a muliple choice test. It's very easy! It costs $10 to take the test whether you pass or fail. Then $5 for the actual card. I paid, took the test, double checked my answers and turned it in. They checked it right then and there. I waited for maybe 10 minutes to...
Just a head's up.... I went to go get a new food handler's card today. On the booklet they have online to study test questions, there is a paragraph that states it is illegal to sell food from home. Obviously that has not yet been changed. I did write to the Director of the AZ Dept of Health Services to make him aware of this. Not sure who will make the change but just wanted to share this info in case you notice it too.KimAZ
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