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Congratulations! I opted not to enter the AZ State fair this year for the first time in 6 years. There has only been any real competition one of those years. I won BOS every year so I know it's exciting!KimAZ
Here is the latest as of Oct 7, 2011. the video. The link to the other stuff is quiet confusing so if anyone can make sense of it, good luck.KimAZ
Here is the latest as of Oct 7, 2011. sure to watch the little video. Final rules are coming.KimAZ
Hi, I use Pastry Pride to make mousse fillings. It's non dairy and the cake can be left out with no problem.I get it from Smart & Final.KimAZ
Hi, I did a dessert themed cake which included a cherry pie. I used mini marshmallows that I painted red with food coloring. They were placed on top of the cake, then the fondant lattice was added over top. Worked great!KimAZ
All competitions I've entered have had a fee. Some very mimimal, some up to $25 per entry. Guess yours is just higher. Honestly, don't expect to get business from a competition. It's more for yourself, being judged and learning from the experience. Bragging rights and a trophy is great! And don't expect to be judged fairly. Regardless if the judges are "cake people" or not. It's totally subjective and from my own experiences, it's almost never done to the standard I...
Hi, Minimum of $3 per serving, $4 would be better especially for fondant. And for topsy turvy even more. Nobody I know in the Phoenix area charges less. Most are more.Nice cakes!KimAZ
It's very easy! Just read and review the test questions before you go. Many of the questions do not apply to baking, but you still have to know them for food handleing safety.Here is a link to the test questions: luck!KimAZ
From my own experience in local fairs, the judges are NOT even cake decorators, don't know diddley squat about decorating and have no judging criteria to go by whatsoever. I was told outright one year that the lady who who was in charge of the sewing entries judged the cakes. WHAT?!? At our county and state fairs, there is no judging criteria at all. Knowing that " Betty the sewing lady" or " Joe the farmer" was a judge makes me mad! The lady in charge of the whole...
Hi, I found a frosting recipe that calls for this extract called " Baker's Mystery Flavor". Does anyone know what it tastes like?I've seen available to purchase online but no flavor description.Anyone?KimAZ
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