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I think it looks good and if your customer really didn't want the beading, I would keep as is. Nice job!
My understanding is that banks will take checks with two different amounts, but they go by what is written. Normally when someone is trying to "pull a fast one", they write the correct dollar amount in the box, but when they write out the amount, it's for less. When I worked retail, we were instructed to make sure checks were written out for the correct amount because that's what banks go by. This was about 8 years ago, so regulations could have changed by now.
For eating, you have GOT to eat at The Family Cupboard!! Best buffet around--and reasonably-priced. My husband gets jealous when I go with my mom every Thanksgiving--but only because he wants the food. It's on 340. Make a left on 896 (Waffle house on left), then right on 340. Follow until you see the sign on left. It looks like a red barn. It's awesome!!
Maybe this was all an innocent misunderstanding. It could have been a situation where two cakes were too much and they knew Father Mike's birthday was coming up, so it made sense to freeze one. It's a valid point that the taste could have been ruined and your reputation was on the line, but I would assume that the people didn't know that and they had Father Mike's best interests at heart. The person that bought it could have said that it was fine, not really realizing...
My first impression was that it was off-center "Sugarland" looks off-center because it's missing the line down on the 'd'. So you have the curly-cue from the S, but nothing to balance it out on the right-hand side. So you see more blue on the right than the left. The graphic does tend to look more like an ice cream cone, so I don't know if that could be revised a bit.I really like the 'because life is sweet' line and that it's in lower case. And it's a great name for a...
I did these for the first time this weekend. Antonia's tutorial was a wonderful guide to use. I used her icing and I did the cookies without the outline using the #4 tip. I added vanilla to the icing though, I'm not crazy about the strong meringue taste--it seems to taste lemony to me, so I just toned it down a bit. It's funny because when making the icing I wasn't sure if I liked the taste, but once I put it on the cookies, it was awesome!!Edited out chocolate...
I used the recipe with the fluff and had no problems with it. I plan on using it again. I also added the powdered sugar slowly so it didn't get too dry. And I used the shortening also instead of corn starch. So pretty much what Debbie said.
I've never done cookies before, but I'm going to attempt some for my sister-in-law's shower. I ordered a 4" baby bottle, but when I received it, it seemed small. I know the cookies spread a bit, so I don't know if I should order the 5" size. I only plan on putting on icing, then writing, "Baby ____". Do you think the 4" will be sufficient, or should I bump up to the larger size? Thanks for anyone's help.
I just made the buttercream dream icing, which tastes wonderful! However, it seems really soft (my house has air conditioning, so it's cool in here). Does anyone know if this will crust? I'm thinking about mixing it with the Wilton buttercream recipe (the all shortening one) to help it crust if it needs it. Can anyone help me out? Thanks so much.
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