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Alice, What a great matrix! I don't even know where to begin creating something like this. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. This is a really important tool for me because now I can quote an order.Thanks again,Elvira
Has anyone made fondant cookies or royal icigng cookies and used luster dust? Do you use it in the royal icing or do you sprinkle it on afterwards? I want to make a shiny tiara/crown and I wanted to know if I should use luster dust or edible glitter. What's the difference? Sorry so many questions but I have never used any of this on cookies.Thanks in advance for your help.Elvira
Does anyone know where I can find the cookie cutter that makes that beautiful wedding cake cookie in the Flour Pot book. That is my favorite cookie and I have never seen that cookie cutter. Thanks for your help.Elvira
Thanks for your help. I got rid of the cookie dough and kept the royal icing. I am making some cookie dough again now. I plan to make a sample bouquet of hearts (for Valentines Day) and plan to put it in the office of my school with some cards. Hope some people place orders. Wish me luck.Elvira
Hi Everyone,I wanted to ask a couple of questions:How long can cookie dough stay fresh in the refrigerator?How long does royal icing made with meringue powder stay fresh in the refrigerator?Thanks for your help.Elvira
Last time I went to Disney, I went looking for the Mickey cookie cutter. They had them at downtown disney in the home store. I also wanted a minnie cookie cutter but that they didn't have.Maybe you can use the phone number cryssi gave you and order it.Hope this helps.Elvira
Thanks...I'm glad you told me about the dowel rods at Home Depot. You're right. I didn't even think of that. The lollipop sticks seemed so flimsy last time I used them. Can anyone else tell me their methods of "stabilizing" a cookie bouquet?Thanks,Elvira
Hi Everyone,I have a few questions about cookie bouquets. Hope someone can help...What else, in addition to the styrofoam, should be put in the actual basket to stabalize the cookie sticks so they won't move when they are being transported or when the table moves, etc.?Do you all put styrofoam?I need to make the actual basket weigh because they will be centerpieces for an outside birthday party. What have you guys used for weights?Do you all buy the dowel rods at Home...
Hi Everyone,Tayesmama, your ribbon cookies are really nice.Bonnie, one last "cause" Miami-Dade County, this week is actually ESE Week (Special Education Week). I don't know if it is the same everywhere else.Happy Baking!Elvira
I have the book and it has some nice ideas. She uses unique containers in some of them like for the new home cookie bouquet she uses a small box and packing material for the base. I like having it and if I recall, it's not too expensive.Elvira
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