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Thanks...I've only used them a very few times and the were so flimbsey...I thought maybe I was just having a hard day with it. I'll be the RI and stir sticks a try. Thanks!Wanda
Hi Guys!I was asked today to make a cake and cake the "Curley-Q's" with the balls of fondant as part of the decoration. I havee used very little in the past...the white floral wire from Wal Mart, but it's only 18 guage and does not stand up very well. What are you guys using and where are you buying it? Just curious, of course. The only white floral wire I can find is at Wal Mart and is very flimsey.Any help will be extremely always!Thanks!Wanda
Hi!I've notices sooo many beautiful pics of different cakes with fondant high heel shoes as decoration. Could anyone help to direct me in that direction . Is there a tutorial or patterns and instructions any where that I could gather this info. This is something I've been wanting to give a try.Any help would be greatly usual!Wanda
Hi!I also have a 20qt Hobart and here's the amounts that I use for BC:3# butter-softened3# hi-ratio shortening12# conf. sugar-sifted2 c. heavy cream3 oz. pure vanillaI cream the butter & shortening until creamy. Mix in the vanilla. Alternate the sugar and cream until all is combined-scraping the bowl as you go. After all in combined, turn the mixer speed to 2 and let it rip for 5 minutes. Use speed 1 while mixing the ingredients together and be VERY careful when...
Thanks so much for the's soooo appreciated!Wanda
Hi guys!I have a baby shower cake coming up and the customer wants a fondant teddy bear as the topper. She actually saw it here and it was done by "Cakes by TMT". It will need to be roughly 5 inches tall. I have never done one of these before "a bear" and need advise on how to do it.I watched to video of aime making the miniture teddy bear and was wondering if the technique is basically the same to make a larger one.Any advise would be great...or, TMT...if you are out...
Looking for some new and/or unique icing tips that you may have used to do basketweaves rather that using the same 'ole basketweave tip.Thanks!
I've recently purchased the kit for the Wilton Romantic Castle Cake and I have a question for anyone that has tackled this thing and can share some advise.My question is...what is the best way to "paint" the icing on the touret tops? I had thought about making royal icing, tinting it and thinning it with water and quickly painting the touret tops and sprinkling them with the sugar. Any tips from anyone on this will be greatly appreciated as well as anything else...
Any tips from you pro on ironing waxed paper to the back side of ribbon to be placed around cakes? I know anyone here would know more about this than me, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Wanda
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