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Do you have to be an ICES member to go to the convention and look around? It has never come this close to my home town before and I want to go and see the vendors and decorators but I can't find anything that tells me whether I can go or not if I'm not a member of ICES.Thanks in advance for any responses!SueB
Nope, no one ever responded so I wasn't able to do the cake...sorry, wish I could help!
Wilton always dates their yearbooks a year ahead of time. It has a pirate ship cake on the cover with fondant pirates. I bought the 2010 yearbook back in the summer of 2009. 2011 should be coming out very soon.
Hi Everyone! I'm hoping someone can help me. In the 2010 Wilton yearbook there is a cake in the bridal shower section that has a silhouette of a man proposing to a woman. It is in Wilton's pattern book for 2010 but I can't get a hold of it anywhere in my town. I searched at Wilton's website but they only have 4 patterns from the 2010 yearbook on the site. If anyone would be willing to email me this pattern I would be so grateful for your help!Thanks!SueB
I also have to trim my boards all the time. Especially if you just want a fondant finish with no border around the bottom. I certainly wouldn't wait until I was all done putting the fondant on to try and cut the board with an exacto knife...I would be afraid I would damage the cake! I have just learned I am going to have to cut the board down if I don't want it to show.
Can anyone tell me what color(s) I should use to achieve the color of champagne? It is for a bridal shower cake and her colors are champagne and rose red. Thanks!
I just did an 8" kitkat cake and it took 10 regular size kitkats (4 sticks to a bar) to go around the whole thing. If you are selling this kind of cake make sure to cover the candy costs...they can make the costs high. I also do not pour a whole bag of m&m's or reeses on the top...just enough to cover it.
That's how I do it. I make a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and then stick the kitkats in the icing on the side. It is a very easy cake to need to worry about how smooth your icing is!
Someone did a tutorial the other day with a hello kitty and a cars cake showing how to do a royal icing transfer. I've been looking for it and can't find it. Can anyone lead me in the right direction? Thanks for any help you can give!
I have used fondant everytime because I just don't use gumpaste for anything very often. I struggled a little at first but discovered the secret. Use cornstarch instead of crisco on your table and dust some in the letter also with a paint brush. It worked great! I watched Aine2's video on youtube to get that idea. upper case letters are much harder to get out then the lower case but you can get them to...
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