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amaretto is my suggestion :) 
I am a big fan of the 'triditional' pillared wedding cake w/the lgst tier on the bottom and 4" differences between the upper tiers. BUT!.....these examples are great and would change my mind quickly :)
I know nothing about that particular thing but think of it this way: Would you make a XXXX rated cake to take to a big party at a school?  To me it would be just about the same thing. It's your call :)
I picture a wavy line - not straight up & down.  Make a paper pattern and roll out each color; cut w/pattern and apply to cake.  From you post I get the idea this will be a tiered cake so each tier would have the black part on one side, then on the other side as the tiers go up.  Hope I worded that so it's not total greek :)
Let everyone know what you think of them) Not everyone who has tried the recipe was overwhelmed - but we all have different tastes so if it's not for you so be it.   Flavoring is right up there with different tastes.  Not everyone like almond.  I had a student who couldn't stand almond so she used lemon (keeping the basic recipe just replacing the almond w/lemon extract)  and loved, loved, loved the results. 
It will stay in place as long as the cake is alive :) Really, once placed it will not move, dissolve or de-construct :)
It looks to me like those are small/thin rolls placed on the cake.  For me that would be the easiest way to go :)
I also agree with the others.
Perhaps it's time you explained to the caterer how to cut the cake?  Print up a sheet giving directions and make sure it is left near (partially under) the cake or given directly to the caterer.
Yes, you must let each color dry before adding any other color right next to it.  You do not have to outline  in black as the link page said.  YOu outline w/the same color you are going to 'flood' with. Keep your outline thin - don't use a tip any bigger than a 2.  I almost never used a tip - just use a parchment bag w/the tiniest hole in it.   It should take very little time for the outline to dry.  So if you are going to use say, green, yellow and red, you do all the...
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