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Posts by kakeladi This is a great one - especially if you use only 2 cup Crisco and 1/2 C butter. 
Besides needing better base support your icing recipe could be contributing to the problem. Without know you recipe I suggest you add some more fat (be it shortening, butter or other) and make the icing a bit more creamy.    Try this one:  2 of everything icing 2C butter, softened to room temp 2 C shortening (I always used Crisco) 2 pounds powder sugar 2 Tablespoons flavoring - see note at end Mix together shortening and butter for 5 minutes; add about 1/3 of the sugar...
I'm wondering if it could be sculpted from an 8" sq.  The cut away cake could be used to build up the abs etc.
Many of the choice4s were really not what I like best.  I don't see how they come up the results that I'm a sports fanatic!?!?!   ........First over the line, slamming the dunk (or is it dunking the slam?), sticking your flag in the summit... ........ No, I said I'd be *last* in line - or at least near the back of it. love to get outside and get active. You're just as happy playing on a team or heading off into the wilderness by yourself for a trek. And if...
Thanks everyone for your help.  I'm leaning towards $30 p/hr plus the gas - these days that is about $25-30 per trip.
Thanks for your insight. ........What was an average hourly wage for you when you were working?....... Hey, it's been some 15-20 yrs since I worked! .........teaching very basic skills or something specific, detailed, and custom? Are you teaching them on the finished product they need to have done........ It will be specific, detailed and done to finish a cake she wants to give to a friend for b'day. a good teacher, is it something you...
Not sure if this is the right section for this ?, but I've been asked to teach someone privately.  Rather than have her come to me I find it easier to go to her - a drive of over 1 hr.  This was any equipment needed is at hand since I don't have much left anymore. Sooooooo how much would you charge for a 2 or 3 hour session?  She is paying for my gas.
........K8 said: i offer my brides .......cakes made from leftover batter or cake scraps 4" or 5" cakes .........   Basically this is what I did also.
Covered floral wire.
 Does it *HAVE* to be Gold?  Make a nice yellow.   You might be able to find some gold dragees  still hanging around.  (Most states have outlawed the sale of them & the silver ones.)
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