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Yes, following the basic Wilton method - very similar to what MimiFix said:............ "For each class, think of a few different techniques you want to teach. First you demo one technique, then students practice what they just learned. Most of the time your students should be practicing while you walk around (and around and around) stopping to help each person improve. Then repeat with another demo and practice session."  Introduction to piping, handling a pastry bag...
A lot of 'how' will depend on what icing those roses are. Here is one made using gumpaste roses:
Must it be that *exact* pic?  If you google bride & groom silhouette there are 100s to choose from.  I'm sure you could find one similar enough.
....... How would you get they roses to stay in place?  What "glue" would you use?  Buttercream?  Royal Icing?....   B'cream works but so does melted white chocolate :)   ........think the roses being RI will be a problem on the BC?  Will they soften and fall off?....... No problem at all :)  I've done it many times - especially if you use melted white chocolate.  They will NOT soften.  Those commercially made royal icing decos are *cement* :) 
I suggest - IF you want the entire creation to be edible - to make a bridge from strips of gum paste.  Make it at least 4" longer than the space between the cakes so you can push the (2") ends into the cake. And do let us know how it goes - pix would be great.
For yrs I baked at 300 degrees for about 30 minutes, then turned the oven up to 325 for about an equal time. This kept the cakes from forming that typical hump in the middle and allowed the temp to move evenly spread through the cake.   I never used either bake even strips, heat core or flower nails and don't remember ever having a cake not cook in the center. Nothing wrong with using bake even strips - I just almost never did.  It might help you as each oven is...
That should be a simple matter of gathering small sections of fondant and placing them around the doll's waist. I recommend using small sections (like maybe 3"-4" wide because using larger ones will result in big bumpy waist.  You can overlap some of the sections slightly which will hide some of the 'seams'. Anyway - that's how I'd do it.
I so agree w/the others.  There is plenty of time for her to find another decorator - especially if you can recommend someone else..  Of course, refund ALL of any monies she has given you then go enjoy that SPECIAL day with family.
........."Seventy times seven" was what Jesus advised in the area of forgiveness. .........   Yes, and that was not meant to be solely a number.   The idea is that one will forget about counting (now, where was I?) or never reach that #.
Yes it will taste o.k.   It does depend on what you use for filling and what icing you use (fondant/ABC or?) Be sure the customer knows there could be problems w/some colors bleeding :(  Be sure to put the cake in a cake box, then wrap that in a plastic bag.  Tell customer to defrost by putting into refrig overnight, then to counter several hours before wanting to serve.  If it is defrosted & brought to room temp still wrapped there probably won't be any problems but you...
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