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Definitely can airbrush flowers - I did all the time:)  Use a crusting b'cream.  If I remember right I posted a recipe on this site yrs ago for making  B'cream flowers.   I also have fzn them but don't like that.  One has to work soooooo fast - they start to melt instantly when removed from fzr.  Most of the time I lost more then I gained:( 
I did for a short while.  Back then - when I was in business - there wasn't much info on making them nor anywhere to buy them.  The ones that were available to buy were made from a much thicker wafer paper and didn't look all that good.  I mostly worked w/b'cream.
..........concerned about putting them flat or upright on a buttercream cake, will they dissolve?......   NO they will not.  I've done it many times.  Coat the back of the piece w/a thin layer of white chocolate - now you can either lay them flat on the cake or stand them up using sucker sticks or such for support.
No you did not overcharge.  Not every customer is going to buy.  Don't worry about those other bakers.  They will soon burn out and get very discouraged about working so hard and not making any money.  Just because they advertise they are cheap does not mean they can do a good job on either taste or looks.  I know the area you live in (somewhat) so I know it's tough to get buyers.  Hang in there :)
If you buy them, it's my understanding they are not edible.   How about using a Hersey's Kiss?   When I was teaching that's what I gave my students to learn the basics of making a rose :)  Are you sure you really need that many?  As others said, who big is this cake?  Maybe you could make larger roses to cut down on how many you need? 
Yes, the color is wrong.  I don't think I would have refunded that much but chalk this up to a learning time.  You could have made the blue darker and they probably would have been very satisfied.
I sometimes would make them. sometimes buy.  It depended on the flower and how busy I was. Here's a pic of one cake where I used both hand-made and purchased ones.
It looks to me like the top tier is off-set so there is probably only 2" difference.
That is a very good price BUT........without seeing it it's hard to say if it's a good buy.  They may be caked w/lots and lots of grease, dented, warped out of shape (won't sit level) and other things.  You would have to measure your oven to know if it would fit but most likely it won't.  Remember, there is a lip on each end that you need to figure into the measure.
They are made right on the cake. First you pipe a *big, fat* comma, then cover that w/tiny (tip 13 or 14) stars.
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