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You probably need to make those frills as thin as possible and use as little water as possible.  In fact, I think I would brush the water on the styro not the gp - unless you are overlapping the fills even a bit.   No I have not tried this yet.  I seldom bake any more so don't know when I will get to try it.  If you do let all of us know what you think. reason to cover it if it won't be seen.  I say water is the best sticking solution.
It sounds to me like a combination - most of it on their part.   You have no way of knowing how they drove.  They could have been a very aggressive driver; the car hot; there could have been children or animals in the car who kicked it, etc, etc. I had a similar situation yrs ago.  The people refused my delivering the cake (extra cost) but called later to say it didn't survive the ride and wanted me to come fix it.  NO, I told you how to drive & I have other deliveries to...
Ooohhhhh I *love!* what MsGF posted :)
Sure you can  use them w/fondant &/or gp.
I'm agree w/k8.  Definitely protect that cake.  I have heard so many horror stories.  You know, things happen :( 
You can make the cake as long as there is NO money in any way, shape, or form change hands.  It is my understanding that YOU cannot even add a figure (purchased).  You leave that up to the customer.  They can add it. I'm not totally up on all the 'fine print' so not sure if your idea of a pineapple house would work either.  If it's generic enough maybe.
............invest in a vacuum... Not a roomba...I've heard they aren't that great................   I definitely agree w/this statement.  I had a roomba when they 1st came out and they are not very thorough.
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