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Not sure how it will work but try adding some pink color.  Also, it takes time for color to develop in fondant.  Sometimes just waiting several hours will do the trick.
Yeah the flat tip - I think the carnation tip would work best and I *think* the # is 150.  Unless you want to buy another tip - then get one that is about 1" wide. Seems to me the carnation tip is about 1/2". CWR41 mentions a petal tip - I think she is referring to a rose tip and that will give you a fat end w/a narrow end - so your row upon row will not look as good as using the carnation tip.
Be sure to inform the customer that you will do *your own* version of this design.  Don't let them think it will be *EXACT*!  That give you some leeway :)
..........I would lighten a brown food coloring with water and use a paper towel to dab it lightly on the fondant in a patina kind of way.......   This is another good idea. I've used edible prints - way back - using wafer paper and there is little to no taste.
I agree that there is too much liquid in your recipe.  As K8 pointed out the water content in butters can change at different times of the yr and from batch to batch.  Try this recipe.  It does not use any liquid for a great tasting icing that is very easy to make & use.
I'm a firm believer in dropping the pan full of batter on the counter 1/2 dozen times to get those bubbles to come to the top and break before putting it in the oven.   Running a knife or fork thru the batter many times will create more bubbles (ie: holes). 
...........screw all the conflicting conflicted agendas -- be happy your brother wants you in his life for his big day -- do the cake -- may brides will hardly have their save the dates out yet much less the invitations you not see it as an olive branch from a reticent person with surely an invitation to follow?.........   As so many of the others have said K8 is right on w/this. It amazes me how many of us have children who do not speak to us or one...
Just a total guess. Try lightening w/ *powder* color w/cornstarch and brushing it very lightly in a streaked fashion.
I agree w/Julia1812.  They can be made from fondant - especially if you strengthen it w/some Tylose but all decorations will have to be removed before the cake can be cut :(
There was an article in my local paper last week about this.  What the local bakery that makes them does is use pink or blue icing as the filling rather than tint the whole cake.
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