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It sounds to me like maybe  you are taking on too many jobs and are not getting enough $$ for all the work. Are you UNDER pricing??  Most likely. You mention kids - how many &what ages? They are probably taking up a lot of you time & energy.  Any of them old enough to help out?  Maybe they could help gather equipment or prep work - covering boards; planning; making simple gumpaste decorations - even piping simple borders.  What's going on in your family life on the...
Maybe a heavy lace?  I mean real fabric.  Just put the lace over the fondant and roll it out.
............speakeasies had a doorkeeper where the client had to have the 'secret' password?...............   What's behind the green door??   Remember the song?
You could  the whipped icing as filling.  OR a vanilla pudding type - thicken it up.
........s a skewer sturdy enough to hold the numbers up so they done topple over once on the cake.........   I've done it many times:)  As was mentioned, make them a few days ahead so they dry hard.  I've made them both with and without Tylose.  It does depend on just how big they are.
..........looks like the buttercream could be too thick in consistency and also it might have too much air whipped into it. Thin it out with more liquid and beat it more gently..........   Yes, this ^^^
The picture is very had to view.  Could you post a link to the site it is on? From what little I can tell it looks like it might be a take off of a peony. 
.........When I took it out two days later and placed it on the counter for defrosting....the cake shed water....   Yes, any cake most likely will sweat if taken from a freezer into a warm &/or humid room. This is why most of the time one is advised to take the cake out of the fzr several hours before needing to work on it.   It can go from fzr to frig or directly onto your counter - makes little difference as long as it is given time for temp adjustments.   Just let it...
Really sorry no one could help you in a timely manor :( For future knowledge you could try using any thick syrup - like Karo or even maple syrup applied very thinly. Maybe even make a thick sugar water mixture. 
Looks to me like tip 74.  It looks like a drop flower tip except it has one prong 'squashed' so it gives a unique look to the shells.  It';s the same tip used to pipe lilies.  There are several sizes so the # might be 73,75 or similar.
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