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I once had one of those vintage fountains I never saw those feet. I agree w/K8. I know my hubby got a replacement bulb but........sorry I cannot say how/where. Seems to me it came from Germany.
When I made these Uuuumm some 15 yrs ago I charged only $3 a dozen.  I know that doesn't help you now - so can you figure out how it costs you (exactly!) to make one or a dozen? You probably use about 1 T per sandwich so figure how many Tablespoons of pb are in a jar; divide that into the cost of the jar;  then how many crackers are in a pkg then divide that into the cost of the pkg.  That's the cost of making one sandwich.  Oh, forgot the choco but you get the idea....
I would say that tilted tier is a dummy cake.  All the others are level.
lisatipperoo said:........I would say it's definitely rough driving......... Definitely my opinion also.   Re center dowels:  I always leave mine at least an inch or two sticking up out of the top tier so customers can pull it out.  The hole can be covered w/some deco - a flower or leaf in front that could gently be pushed over the hole.  this makes it much easier for the customer to know it is there and makes serving a cake much easier.
.....I don't measure....just add a little bit......till i feel that the fondant is no longer sticky and is a bit on the dry side.......   A gal after my own heart:)  That's what I do. Oooooohhhh I just thought of something else that can be used if it is available to you - Wilton's DRY gumpaste mix.  Just like above I just dip a lump of fondant into the dry mix and knead it through until I feel the fondant get tight & dry.   The product actually make a terrible gumpaste,...
You finished creation turned out wonderful :)  Yes, we do improvise when we can/have to.  Glad it worked for you.
I would not use paper on a display cake.  One of the reasons is that the *real finished product* will look totally different!  There are several non edible choices to use as icing.  When I had my bakeries, having used one of them several customers commented on the fact that it didn't smell like icing! 
Certainly you can combine them if you need that much cake. Not knowing your recipe for the choco cake can you maybe 1/2 it if you don't need that much?   OR using just the vanilla cake batter you can take out about 1 Cup & add 1/3 cup UNsweetened cocoa powder to it, then drop small spoonfuls into the vanilla batter in the pan.
My thoughts:  When they went to take the top tier off without taking out the center dowel they ran into nothing be trouble and the pic is the results.  Either that or nothing but fast driving!  Took turns on 2 wheels, slammed on breaks etc :)
that's right there is NO oil, butter or other fat in this recipe.
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