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There are soooo many different shades of teal that it is hard to say what you should add to what you already have to work with.   You probably are going to have to experiment with the colors you have to work with.  Take a tablespoon or so to play with adding just a tiny bit of one of your other blues to it and see how that works. Just remember that color develops over time - the more color added the more it will change.  What you think is perfect might darken beyond what...
How about using a cookie cutter?  OR you could cut a paper pattern and mark the cake w/a toothpick.  Measure how wide you want the diamond shape and see if it will fit around the cake properly - adjust the pattern size to fit.
I just made some golden colored b'cream by 1st mixing in yellow color, then a drop of orange.
I would suggest using powdered colors.  Dry brush them on.   If the color isn't the shade you want, lighten it by mixing in cornstarch.
..........lot of people who aren't in the market for cake will want a sample............ ...........put a 1x1" square of cake with filling in a 2 oz condiment cup with lid....put a round sticker on the lid with my logo and website info...........if people don't want to taste it at that moment, they can take it home, or bring it to the groom, or mom, or whomever.....want all the vendors to taste the cake.........   Yes what she ^^^ said here. You never know who will...
ConfectionaryH It's been ages since I have tried this.  The tip came from the "Original" Cakelady - Frances Kuyper.  I've seen her do it.  As well as I can remember after a drying time the color becomes set and will not smudge.   You just want a very thin coating of Baker's joy on there.  Yes, other brands of spray probably will work just as well but that's the one she used yrs ago when she taught this technique :) experience gel and liquid/air brush colors ball up when painting on candy coatings.........   Oh my, yes.  I totally forgot about that.  You still can use the color on choco IF you prepare it 1st by giving the choco a very light spray of baking spray - like Baker's Joy - then lightly wipe it w/a paper towel.
.......MMF and never had any luck with it.........   Yeah same here :(   .......half sugar glass half corn starch..........   Yikes!  Not a clue what this means :(   When you made you MMF did you follow a recipe to the letter?  I know I have said in several threads that one does not always need to stick to a recipe but in this case I think it is very needed :)   And......since I have only made this maybe 2-3 times I don't know how to advise you further.  Maybe our...
If I remember correctly I did - yrs ago.  Should not need any prep - just bursh it o/over the fondant. Another option is to paint it w/liquid artist paint.  I've done that.
I see no reason why not.   Regular air brush colors can be used.  If you find it a bit too liquid-y try adding a bit of cornstarch to thicken it, but that probably will change the color a bit.
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