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Re encyclopedias:  Buy Vol. 3 first, then 1, then 2.  Vol 3 is THE best :)   .......... Originally Posted by Jeff_Arnett  I agree very much.  I miss the days of piped cakes and buttercream flowers.  I know taste and style have to change, but I still long for those days sometimes.  I think there was value in the anticipation of those publications days if you want something, you simply Google it and its there....but I looked forward tor receiving Mailbox News...
Using b'cream under fondant is fine.  Most people won't even notice it's there :)  though I are a b'cream decorator so to me that's the way to go.  You say the client doesn't like b'cream but maybe it's the recipe that's the problem.  Have you tried different ones?  Have you tried increasing the amount of flavoring?  Sometimes that's all that is needed :) Like others have pointed out you need to cover the base board or buy drums.  ............Sometimes what a customer...
Yes, I much prefer decorating each tier separately then stacking & adding borders &/or some decoration. When I see people like Buddy decorate already stacked I wonder how they keep from messing up or getting everything to line up right :) 
Yah, I think a small heart cutter could be used to give a very close look.   Then using a rolling pin, 'spread' maybe 1/2 of the upper part of some those hearts. Using a small heart cutter would keep you from having to buy a new flower cutter :)
You'd be better off getting some petal dust or powdered food coloring.  What the other poster said is right on. Dust the color on (both sides of the petal leaving a 'hole'/space at the bottom of the petal for the yellow color.
It sounds to me like maybe  you are taking on too many jobs and are not getting enough $$ for all the work. Are you UNDER pricing??  Most likely. You mention kids - how many &what ages? They are probably taking up a lot of you time & energy.  Any of them old enough to help out?  Maybe they could help gather equipment or prep work - covering boards; planning; making simple gumpaste decorations - even piping simple borders.  What's going on in your family life on the...
Maybe a heavy lace?  I mean real fabric.  Just put the lace over the fondant and roll it out.
............speakeasies had a doorkeeper where the client had to have the 'secret' password?...............   What's behind the green door??   Remember the song?
You could  the whipped icing as filling.  OR a vanilla pudding type - thicken it up.
........s a skewer sturdy enough to hold the numbers up so they done topple over once on the cake.........   I've done it many times:)  As was mentioned, make them a few days ahead so they dry hard.  I've made them both with and without Tylose.  It does depend on just how big they are.
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