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Very, very nicely done :)
Wilton is not bad as a beginning.  It's not that expensive.  Just remember you *don't* have to buy all the things they tell you/suggest.  It is the 'teacher's' responsibility to sell, sell, sell.  For Many of the things they recommend usually there is something at home that will work just as well.  Granted it's be some 10-15 yrs since I taught Wilton and the classes have changed lots but I bet the part of 'recommending' certain tools/equipment is still the same.  Some...
Make paper stencils of the characters and either airbrush dark OR use powdered color carefully brushed over the stencils. As for the drop sparkle - that might be a bit harder.  First thought pipe lines then sprinkle sparkle dust over it  - but it will put dust all over the top unless you are EXTREMELY careful.  Take a dry art brush dipped/covered in dust and carefully touch the wet icing. As I ask many other who want to copy a cake picture Why is it so important that it...
I have baked w/Betty for over 30 yrs.  I do NOT add pudding nor extra liquids.  The best recipe I have ever used is: Please take the time to read the WHOLE post and comments.  There are many hints and explanations posted throughout.
The  jello/KoolAid idea is exactly what I thought when reading your ? :)
Exactly what jessicakes said.  Each brand of coloring is different.  And we don't kn ow what shades you have to work with. 
It would help if you told us if you want to cover the cake fondant or b'cream. Makes a huge difference.
A 12x12x4 cake will serve *72* not just 50.  It is cut into 2"x1"x4" pieces.  2x2x4 pieces would be huge :(
........How should I do the tux...... Being that your a b'cream gal I suggest you cover the tux cake in chocolate b'cream then use a triangle of fondant over it (all the white parts). That will limit how much fondant you need to use.  One box from Wilton or such will be more than enough.  Just roll it out like pie dough and cut w/a pizza cutter:)
K8 said: should be somewhere in the $4.75/serving range and up imo...... yellowbutterfly said: Kate even for buttercream?........   Definately :)  You are way under pricing.  It *hurts* other decorators - even those across the country.   Slowly raise them up.  Not all at once but a $ every couple of months until you get up to speed. 
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