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You can probably keep it week at room temp; 2-3 weeks in the frig and months in the fzr.
I'd love to know the outcome of this post.  Did Bunny do the cake?  Did the customer like it?   And most importantly did the people who ate it poop green???
If you read through my recipe "2 of everything icing" you will see that mixing it for as much as 10 minutes will result in a nice smooth, creamy icing.  Most people only mix it 'until incorporated' or for 2 or 3 minutes but letting that mixer go on slow speed for a much longer time will result in a much better icing. Also the fact that you had lumps of butter &/or powdered sugar proves it was not mixed enough.  Also because you say it pulled away from the cake that tells...
windycitybaker......what great advice.  I probably would not have thought of that.   Well, that way sure used a LOT of icing!  I understand someone trying to share info but using a baggie instead of pastry bag with or without a tip and icing *FULL* of air holes sure downgrades our intent here to perfect the *art* of decorating.
I think you need to ice the cake a bit thicker than usual and use a flat spoon - like a wooden spoon where the bowl is not very deep to get the look.   It also takes some practice to get it right :(
Sorry I hav ne't been on line for a couple of days and missed your ?s.  And now it is well past the time you mention to do your cake.  For anyone reading this and your future knowledge: I never frig a cake once it is crumb coated.  However since y ou have, take it out and let it rest for about 1/2 hour before adding the fondant.  It should stick. I really don't understand how the b'cream could fall off the cake.  You must not have pressed it against the cake when...
It's hard to say exactly but I suggest you are not rolling the fondant big enough to start with.  If covering say a 10x4 cake you need to roll a circle at least 20" (each 'side' 4"x2=8; + top of cake 10" + 2" extra). Now when putting on the cake you have enough to pull it lightly away from the cake so you can smooth out the 'wrinkles' at the bottom. Some people find it easiest to do this if the cake is elevated several inches but you need to work rather quickly, cutting...
............what's best to put under fondant?............ Put a slightly thinner layer of b'cream under the fondant. Don't know what brand fondant you ordered but remember you can enhance the taste by adding flavoring - like vanilla or whatever goes well with the cake flavor - probably the same as what you used in your b'cream.
............presuming both the square and round pans have to be the same size (like both 8 or 9 inch pans)....... You are right.  Remember if using anything bigger than 8"ers it will be a very big heart! 
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