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After many yrs of trying to cut a cake MANY different ways I have found if you treat *any shape* cake as if it is a sq you get the best cuttings.  Any cake 3 or 4" tall one moves into the cake (from any edge) 2" and cuts the whole slice.  Lay it down and cut that into 1" pieces.  Continue that way across the whole cake. YES - there will be some odd shaped edge pieces but there is always someone who won't mind :) AND remember you *always* have a ruler with you :)  Yep,...
Check w/customer before using any coconut as many people (me!) are allergic to it:(
........concerned about my limitations, mainly in the area of recipes (cakes sturdy enough to stack), construction, and to freeze or not to freeze..........   Freezing cakes is your *friend* :)  You can bake more than a month ahead.  Also make & fz icing.  Then just decorate it at the last minute. ........had a frozen cake fall a part on me once........... .I don't understand how a fzn cake fell apart.  Did you put it together fully fzn?  I bet there was some other...
Earlene Moor has a great Cr Ch b'cream recipe that she has used for yrs.  Do a search of her name.  It uses real cr ch and is 'shelf stable' - can be used on wedding cakes and left unrefrigerated for several days.
Oh my goodness hon, I have traveled as much as 3-4 hours with b'cream and *NEVER!* has such problems.  It probably is the recipe you are using.  And as the other posted said, watch the temp in the cake & start w/a cold cake.
I haven't used it but I bet it would be great.  Choco and almond go together very well.  I really don't thing the change of milk is going to effect the recipe that much but then I don't kn ow the recipe nor the fat content of almond milk. Also, isn't there milk solids in cocoa?  Don't have any on hand to ck the lable.
You can *and SHOULD!* get out of doing Superman and catwoman as they are illegal to reproduce which I get the idea you already know since you mention using action figures. I retired so don't make cakes anymore but don't remember getting such busy requests.  What I thought was ugly YEAH :) but not with so much.  I sure hope you are charging lots and lots for this with all the extra work requested.
Oh my that's some ? :)  It very hard to understand/help without seeing exactly how you have it set up and what condition your hands are in.  One thing I can suggest is to make sure the cake is elevated to eye level. 
You don't tell us anything about the recipe you used :(   Is it a scratch recipe of box mix?  Usually when this happened to me it was a batter that was very thin.  Also the high temp you are baking at can contribute to that :(  Try baking at 300 degrees for about 15-20 minutes, then turn the oven up to 325 for an equal amount of time and they should be o.k.
.........IF your cake has a dome, remove the dome before turning out onto a cooling rack or the cake may "split"....   Good advice BUT.....if it is baked right there will not be a dome :)  For any cake pan that uses one cake mix bake it at 300 degrees for about 20 minutes, then turn the oven up to 325 for an equal time OR until you can smell that heavenly smell in the next room :)  Be sure to check by the 'touch' method - lightly touch the center w/a finger; if it spring...
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