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Posts by kakeladi experience gel and liquid/air brush colors ball up when painting on candy coatings.........   Oh my, yes.  I totally forgot about that.  You still can use the color on choco IF you prepare it 1st by giving the choco a very light spray of baking spray - like Baker's Joy - then lightly wipe it w/a paper towel.
.......MMF and never had any luck with it.........   Yeah same here :(   .......half sugar glass half corn starch..........   Yikes!  Not a clue what this means :(   When you made you MMF did you follow a recipe to the letter?  I know I have said in several threads that one does not always need to stick to a recipe but in this case I think it is very needed :)   And......since I have only made this maybe 2-3 times I don't know how to advise you further.  Maybe our...
If I remember correctly I did - yrs ago.  Should not need any prep - just bursh it o/over the fondant. Another option is to paint it w/liquid artist paint.  I've done that.
I see no reason why not.   Regular air brush colors can be used.  If you find it a bit too liquid-y try adding a bit of cornstarch to thicken it, but that probably will change the color a bit.
Was it homemade?  What brand?     It;s hard to advise without more info.
That is going to be one HUGE belly :) Bake it the same as any other cake - temp at 325 but probably for a longer time.  Since we don't know  exactly how big you big bowl is (how may cake mixes does it hold?) I cannot even begin to suggest a time frame.
You need to find out what your local health dept regulations are.   Many HDs will only allow completely enclosed items meaning you will have to cut pieces to put into lidded cups.
Stirring *WELL!* in small batches every 30 or so minutes in very necessary to get/keep out the air bubbles that develop.
The icing one uses makes a world of difference!  Using a 'quick-icer' tip (a huge tip w/a 'slot' opening, serrated on one side, smooth on the other; used in a 16" bag) also helps when applying b'cream.  It applies just the right depth of icing and you don't take that much off.   Putting the cake on a turntable also it a big help.  Just squeeze the bag as you turn the table all the way around.  You should be able to cover the sides of a 4" tall tier in just 2 turns.  Then...
What georgiacakelady said  ^^.  The easiest way to make the # is to cut a 'ribbon' of fondant and shape it by hand OR use the template method she described. For the trees, yes use ice cream cones.  Cover them w/icing 'leaves' starting at the bottom piping a row around the base, then move up and start between 2 of the leaves you piped making another row around the cone; continue to the top.  I have used different tips for this: 74 (or 1 # before or after - depending on...
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