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OR it might just have been added to the picture.  To me it does not look like it is printed on the cookie directly.
JA mom we really would need more info to help you better but as leah_s said it's your support system that hold up a cake NOT the cake it's self.  How did you put the 60th anniv cake together?  What support(s) did you use? And tell us more about the size, shape of the cake your niece wants.
Ditto everything the others said!   I just came across this thread and thought of you:
I agree with her ^^^ reply.
leah_s said:......... Really?  I finish ALL my cakes the day before delivery or pickup.  Why would the icing not be firm?  Generally it crusts and gets firmer as it sits.  Why would icing ever melt?  Is it being stored in a really hot place?.........   I definitely agree with her!  I have had cakes side outside in CA weather for many, many hours and never had them melt.  I really think you are worried for nothing :)
I know many people use more than 1 flower nail in baking anything bigger than a 10" but I have had NO problems baking even 16" rounds with NO flower nails or bake even strips.  Now I'm not saying it doesn't help but there really is no reason to use more than 1.  I prefer to bake at 300 degrees for about 20-30 minutes (20 for under 10"; 30 for those bigger ones), then turn up the heat to 325 for about an equal time - until you can smell that wonderful aroma in the next...
From what little I can see it should be rather easy to duplicate something very close.  Make up some yellowish green; light green and dark green b'creams and put them together in one lg pastry bag w/your 'quick icer' tip.  They will blend together just enough when you pipe it out onto the cake and smoothing will further blend them w/o making it one color.  You might want to try doing it on a small scale just to see how it turns out. If you don't like that way, then layer...
I flavor Wilton.  Just pour some vanilla (or whatever flavoring you want to match the cake flavor) and knead it into the fondant.  I didn't measure it - just added until I thought it tasted probably about a teaspoon.
I think increasing you flavoring to 1 TABLEspoon of a vanilla mixture (to a recipe of b'cream using 2 pounds of powdered sugar)  would be just perfect.  Try this mixture:  1 part vanilla; 1/2 part butter flavor; 1/4 part almond.   A 'part' is whatever measure  you use: it can be a teaspoon or a tablespoon or a cup or a gallon :)   Just keep the 1; 1/2;1/4 ratio.  Some people don't like almond.  If you prefer you can use lemon extract OR coffee extract instead.   
Magic Mouthfuls said:  ..........So sorry to hear of your son's accident and your husband's deployment at such a bad timing - our hearts go out for you, and our thoughts and prayers are with you........... offer to bake the cake, (then freeze) and hand over to another decorator to ice/decorate/deliver.............   I double and triple what she has said.
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