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You should be figuring the # of servings by the industry standard of 1x2x4 - as shown in all the Wilton books/yearbooks etc.  If the customer does not get all the servings in the cake style they pick out you can suggest adding a 'kitchen cake'.  This usually is a sheet cake that is 4" tall but only iced (and maybe bordered) - not decorated.  An 8x12 should give you 48 servings - more than enough to bring the #s more in line.
For years I never even heard of using a center dowel and transported cakes up to 3 tiers stacked.  But. for the most part when I was doing wedding cakes most were pillared, not stacked like they are today. I think some of the main factors to consider are the roads one needs to travel on; the weather - there by the temp and how much time you have.  Do you have to run off to another delivery/appointment?  Can you take time to properly/nicely set up a cake?  How big are the...
.........use the 1/2 cup of butter, 1/2 cup of shortening, 4 cups of powdered sugar and 2 tbl of milk. (Wiltons recipe) I use a kitchenaid stand mixer and it sits around for a few days before I use it....If the buttercream sits around for a couple days, do you put it in the stand mixer and remix before using? How long do you mix it for? .........   O.k. that's not a bad recipe - not great but certainly not bad.  Do you add any flavoring??  Instead of milk, use 1 T...
That or wafer paper.
To help you more we need to know what recipe you are using. Also what mixer (KitchenAid or hand-held ect). Is your icing being used as soon as you make it or has it sat around for hours or days?  All these things hadd to what you describe.
You need a different recipe.  There are many to choose from on this site.  Here is my favorite: If you don't want to make that much just 1/2 each of the ingredients.
Yep, I'd say it's a slightly stylized peony.  Get some 5 people together to make a particular flower and you will get at least 3 similar but different looking ones :)
Yes, following the basic Wilton method - very similar to what MimiFix said:............ "For each class, think of a few different techniques you want to teach. First you demo one technique, then students practice what they just learned. Most of the time your students should be practicing while you walk around (and around and around) stopping to help each person improve. Then repeat with another demo and practice session."  Introduction to piping, handling a pastry bag...
A lot of 'how' will depend on what icing those roses are. Here is one made using gumpaste roses:
Must it be that *exact* pic?  If you google bride & groom silhouette there are 100s to choose from.  I'm sure you could find one similar enough.
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