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Yes, an assortment.  Poppy, small roses, plunger or drop flowers etc.  I wouldn't be so concerned w/figuring out exactly which ones.  Any combination will be very pretty as the coloring is what is more important.
Definitely :)
How many people does it need to serve? 12x8 or 9x13 or 12x16 or 12x18 plus the 'boobs'? That will have make a difference.
Pricing is very hard to suggest as it varies sooooo much from area to area.  As one poster said, see what local bakeries would charge.  Maybe take in the picture and ask.  It's really not that difficult a cake to reproduce:)  Just make 100s of small gp (or fondant) flowers to stick on once the cakes are covered in fondant or even b'cream. Other than that figure out exactly what your expenses are - include *everything* needed (ingredients for cake & icing; boards, supports...
..........I read it as, "if you are under the $20k limit, commercial-grade equipment is not required; if you're over it, commercial-grade equipment is required." This particular snippet of statute seems to be silent on any other health code compliance issues for home bakers,........   This is my take on it also.
Recreating that sky - use an airbrush.  If you don't have one - try the spray cans of colors from  Wilton?  Ice the cake in blue, then spray w/black or a navy blue. It looks to me like the cake was iced light blue, then a 'plaque' of darker blue was placed on - see how much thicker that area is?  I would airbrush the plaque w/the navy or black before adding it so you don't get over spray.  For easier handling freeze the plaque.
Considering the person wants it on Thurs for Sat eating have you explained it won't be 'oh so fresh'? I say do it as late on Wed as you can.  Maybe even freeze it and tell them to keep fzn until Fri evening OR if it's to be served Sat evening take it out in the a.m.
I have only once (that I can remember) had someone order a larger cake - in this case a 12x4" cake for only about 20 servings.  When I explained that a 8x4" would give them the # of servings that said they needed they said that wanted much larger servings.  Almost all my customers usually accepted the 'industry standard' sizes w/o a problem.
I haven't read all the replies you have gotten so far but.........the tiny piece of nylon is going to get clogged quickly :( Sooooooo.......... Rather than what you have thought to do - use a clean, unworn nylon knee hi stocking:) Put it on your hand like a glove, fill your hand w/the icing then peel off the stocking so you enclose the icing; now push it through the stocking. I have done this for years with both royal and B'cream.  Works great :)
.........talked to the bride later and she was very happy with the cake........   Be happy :)  You had a happy bride.  That doesn't always happen. I agree w/the other posters.  We cannot control weather.  When brides insist on an outdoor wedding they have to understand all the problems that can happen!
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