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................instructor was spending time adding powdered sugar to people's buttercream.................   This is EXACTLY (one of the reasons) it is best to use the recipe provided - at least for the 1st few sessions! Spending time adding sugar or otherwise helping students figure out why their icing isn't working takes way too much time away from actually teaching. How much harm can it really be to use what is *known* to work properly so *everyone* can learn as... I  make one using a 1/2 round & some figure piping.   If you need more info just shoot me a PM
It's been years since I used it but I found to get it to whip nicely it is best to NOT defrost it - just spoon it out of the carton in it's semi-frozen state and start whipping it.  The colder the better!   ....... Richard's buttercream......... Smile.  It is Rich's Bettercreme  NOT Richard's buttercream.  And yes, it can be used as filling.     ...........a whipped-cream like, non-crusting frosting. It's like a non-dairy substitute for whipped...
If you check out my *original* WASC recipe post way down in the remarks I mention that when the cake mix sizes were changed I used dry mix from another box to make up the difference.  But over time I made NO changes at all and the cake turned out just fine. 
You might try contacting the creator of the cake pictured asking for information.  Many will help you.
.......Is this course for extreme beginners?........ I'd definitely say yes it is.  I taught Wilton some 10-15 yrs ago.  It has changed lots since I stopped but the reason they ask that you use their recipe is so the teacher does not have to deal with 10 different consistencies/types of icing.  It is important for the teacher to be able to help students by knowing what the icing is suppose to be like/how it is suppose to behave. If may different recipes are being used you...
I pertty much agree w/cakesbycathy.  I would not charge extra for: + Edible Images (faces) $20 + Edible Snowflakes $18.75 ($.75/each -25 total) + Blue Ombre (light to dark) Airbrush $7 + Name & Number $5 + Ribbon around board $7   If this was made w/o the faces & crown how much would you sell it for?  You have to give the customer *some* decorating w/o charging extra!  Airbrushing this cake is part of basic decorating.  In my book so are the snowflakes and ribbon. ...
.............  What do you think the best way to attach it....thin down fondant to make fondant adhesive?......   Yes, thinned down fondant.  It's really easy :)  Just add a bit of water to a small golf ball sized lump and stir until it is about the consistency of white glue or a bit thicker.  Dip your ruffle edge into that, wipe most of it off and place the ruffle.  You might have to hold it in place for a minute before it stays.
Hope this is not too late for you.   How about making a cake - white, yellow, or Fr Vanilla - and add cherry juice to the batter, then when assembling it use pineapple for the filling.  Don't know what size cake but for anything 8" round or smaller, just take an 8 oz can of crushed pineapple, drain the juice into a saucepan, add maybe a tablespoon or two of cornstarch and heat until it thickens.  You could also add some chopped cherries here.
I sure would make them ahead of time.  Making them stand away from the cake will be easy when they are dry.  No toothpicks needed :)  Without seeing the blog directions I think all one needs to do is make circles, slightly ruffle them and fold in 1/2 then take the flat (folded) side and pinch them together some (from side to side) this will further ruffle them a bit more.
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