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I agree w/Julia1812.  They can be made from fondant - especially if you strengthen it w/some Tylose but all decorations will have to be removed before the cake can be cut :(
There was an article in my local paper last week about this.  What the local bakery that makes them does is use pink or blue icing as the filling rather than tint the whole cake.
Several things to consider. Have any of the ingredients you use changed? Have you changed brands? Some times when one makes a certain recipe often they don't really measure correctly - could that be part or all of your problem? ..........a great tip, which might help with the "oil" factor, substitute apple sauce for equal amounts of vegetable oil that you use in your cake recipes. Its healthier, creates a very moist cake, and the flavor is the same, without the "oil"...
Everybody has their idea of what looks nice. I like the looks of paper toweling. I've used it often.
It's been some 10 yrs ago but when I asked this ? the replies mostly said to charge what a florist would for real flowers.
..........: If you do many tiers, you want to use a cake that is rather dense than light and fluffy........... ......yortma said: ..... The support system you choose to use takes the weight of the tiers above, so that each cake is not bearing more than its own weight.......... Really, if proper support is used you could stack whipped cream or jello! It does not matter if the cake is light & fluffy or dense As yortma said above. ............cuts them absolutely flush...
..........keeping cakes frozen.  Would 1 month be too long?....... No.  Properly wrapped a cake can be kept up to 1 year.  Ever hear of keeping the top tier of a wedding cake for the 1st anniversary? :) If you are keeping it just until it can be used - like for an order the longest is probably 1 month to 6 wks.  Again, if it is properly wrapped there should be no problems with it.
.........arent you afraid the straws will collapse under the pressure?............   Absolutely not:)  A round tube is super strong.  Try putting a few straws under a cake circle & press down as hard as you can.  They do have to be straight and no sideways pressure.
I did a 'this is your life' cake for a lady turning 40 who's religion did not celebrate b'days.  This was like 25-30 yrs ago before edible images/printable sheets were around.  Mother gave me many pix of her thru the yrs.  I wrapped them in plastic wrap, glued a toothpick to the back and stood them up along a 3 ft long cake :)  Yes, the cake  was 3 ft (long) x 4"(high) x4"(wide).   It was a huge hit :)  I think there is a pic of it in my gallery.
As the other poster said, we really need much more info.  4 tiers is really a lot to be transporting all put together. Did you not consider putting together 2 & 2, then stacking those on site?  Why not?  What sizes were those tiers?  What icing did you use?  What type of vehicle used?  How many miles; what type of roads/terrain?  Did you take before & after pics?  Seeing what you are talking about would help us help you. I have delivered 3 tiers as much as 200 miles and...
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