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Thank you. Thank goodness I got up early and filled the cake and laid two heavy books on top and let it set for several hours and it did great the one that that gave me the most trouble was the second tier. Finally scraped off the icing and started over and it did really good what is crazy though, is it did the bulge immediately!? when I iced it the first and second time that day it was so rainy. But the next day when I iced it it wasn't raining!!! Go figure I'm puzzled
Where are the directions, IM not sure what I need to look at when I go to the site? Thanks
I tried poking holes in it and mashing it out but nothing helps
I sure hpoe some one is out there that can help me ASAP I have a wedding cake due tomrorrow and The second tier has a bulge in the middle, It is buttercream icing and strawberry filling, I have scrapped off the icing and reapplied it and its still there, Can anyone tell me what I need to do. I put the bc down and then the strawberry filling on top then I added a dam 1in from the edge, And Its bulging, Hope to hear from some one that this has happend to There has...
Thank you so much sounds delish I'm given it a try
I have a wedding cake for June and the bride wants a strawberry filling between each layer, Does anyone have a recipe for this, And if I use fresh berries will it make the cake soggy!!! Since its going to be sitting for at least 2hours before being served. Thanks everyone
I made some out of fondant and hand cut each one, Made them different sizes. Looked really good,
Sorry, I have never tried rolling fondant out on anything other than a fondant mat, On Cake Boss they roll it out on there counter tops , but they dust it first with corn starch (I think thats what they use)  , And Im thinking that the sheets might be easier to use, Not sure though !!!!
sorry i spelled course wrong!!!
I did one  and the stripes works great just take a paint brush and dip into water dont get it too wet or it will bleed onto the cake and tap them down with your finger,
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