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Wanting a tall tier and have 2" pans...if I bake 3 layers and want to stack them into 1 tier for the "tall factor", would I need to put a cake board in the middle of that tier for support? Or, would it hold up without it? I am icing the cake in b/c....thanks for any help!
Sharon Zambito of Sharon's Sugar Shack...all of her DVD's are wonderful!
I use it all the time with no problems. I show students in my cake classes how to use it, holding the cake, keeping both "feet" of the leveler on the table, and using a slow sawing motion. If you can purchase it at Hobby Lobby and use their 40% off coupon, it is worth the price.
Shandidandi, New idea...since the main scope was you were out of $ and Aunt could not make cake. You will have to spend some $, but to minimize it...go to Walmart or Sam's Club, order 3 separate sized tiers, no decorations except borders of your choice. Do Not state they are for wedding. You can also buy really pretty gumpaste spray flowers from Sam's Club now, and order in colors of your choice, cheap! For your wedding table display, borrow a beautiful table covering,...
I am so sorry to hear you are having a bad experience and hope it gets better. As a WMI, and a long ago former student, I think the classes are very much worth taking to be introduced to the art of cake decorating. A lot depends on the class teacher and the student's dedication to learning the craft, but for the money you actually spend to take the classes... it is a bargain compared to "food schools", or classes taught by "professionals". Most students learn more...
Thank You so much for the thread and helpful comments. I was searching for "crystallized" when I apparently should have been searching for "sugar crystals"! Exactly what I was looking for, maybe I can PM someone who actually made that type of cake if I have any questions. Thanks Again, Everyone!
Anyone know???
Can anyone tell me how to get the "crystallized icing" effect on a cake?Is there a special icing or am I adding something to a regular B/C, or even pressing something into the icing once it is on the cake? This type of icing makes the cake look like it is full of sparkles....have a client that wants it. Thanks for any info!
Hmmmm...never thought of doing water on the fondant when putting on B/C icing...will give it a try...Thanks everyone!
Making a B/C iced 3 tier cake...using fondant stripes, dots, stars. What method works best to adhere them to the cake, and have them dry to the B/C fast so they don't move around?
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