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OMGosh!!!  I don't know if our local Walmart does this...I've never really looked.  I've gotten past the point of getting upset when people don't like my prices.  You pay for what you per those pictures.  Wow....
It does help.  Do you mind sharing a blank copy of your Excel sheet you use?  I was thinking of doing it in Excel as well since I am very familiar with the program.  
I also use BRP box and LOVE them!!  They are quick with shipping and answering questions.  And their product is really nice.  I love all the different colors.  
It's been discussed on here a couple times about a referral program/loyalty.  I was just curious how those using it, keep track of it.  
I did a search and couldn't seem to find an answer to this.  I know some businesses have done/are doing a referral program and have had some great success.  My question do you keep track of every thing coming in?  Do you use a spreadsheet to keep the running tally for your clients?  What way did you find to keep yourself from going crazy with all the numbers?  And then do you email your clients and say "Dear Sue, you have a $15 credit on your account..."??  I...
Anyone have a company they are ordering bags from to transport 12 count cupcake boxes in? I have had a couple larger orders but finding bags to fit the boxes in is proving to be difficult locally. I'd like to order some online...but want to make sure they will hold the boxes before ordering in bulk. I am using the BRP boxes.Thanks!!!
I've been looking for this too. I noticed the ones at Walmart also and I like that amount of cake better the the itty bitty ones. Hopefully someone can answer...
For those who have a cupcake business, do you sell "jumbo" cupcakes as your regular cupcake or do you use "standard" cupcakes as your regular cupcakes? As I look through different sites and blogs I see a lot of different bakers doing different ones. I'm just curious. Thanks!
Wow!!! Let the frosting fly! Keep us updated. Can't wait to see what you do.
I have pictures up on the website as well as our Facebook site. But for appointments, I have a portfolio I did on Microsoft Publisher. I saved it to a flash drive and took it to Fedex/Kinkos and had them print it out in high quality color and with good paper. Then had them spiral bind it. Cost about $15 but it was worth it to have something clients can look at. Sometimes you are some place that you can't whip open a laptop to show them the website or FB page.
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