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Hi everyone!  I have been a hobby baker for longer then I can remember, and would like to get licensed so that I can sell my cakes. I get requests for cakes all of the time, but have to turn down so many due to licensing regulations. Are there other bakers/decorators out there in my area who would be able to give me any advice?  Thank you for any help you could give me!
I wish you were around the Rochester area!  I would love to start a cake business, and have been trying to find a space to rent!  Good luck to you!
Would you also send me a copy of the diaper bag instructions?  Thank you so much.
Thank you everybody!  I am ready to try this now.  Thanks for your help!
Thank you Shanter, I will check that out.  In the meantime, I found instructions that for the book cover said, "add a ton of tylose to the fondant" to get it to set up a little and, I am assuming, not droop.  I have never worked with tylose - how much do you think I should use?
I just saw this------years after the original post!  Thank you so much for posting this. I am doing my first book cake next week!
Thank you, Metria.  I really don't have the time to order anything, though.  I was hoping to make this in the next few days.  Does anyone else have any suggestions about making the book covers?  If I use fondant, how do I get the edges and corners not to droop?  Thanks again.
I would like to make a few Dr. Suess books out of cake. I am thinking that the cover would be made out of fondant, but how do you make it so the edges and the corners that hang a little over the cake don't droop?  Also, would royal icing be the way to go for the cover designs?  TIA
Thank you everyone! Well, I baked all the cakes and put them in the freezer yesterday. My plan is to take them out tomorrow (Wednesday) and start icing them for a Friday afternoon wedding. I am using all of your hints, and appreciate your help so much! Wish me luck!!!!!!
Thank you! Carmijok, I am getting a clay extruder tomorrow! I will also try the roller. AnnieCahill, Make sure the icing is THIN enough? I always thought it should be stiffer. Will thin icing hold up gumpaste lace? Can I do brush embroidery on it? Does anyone happen to live near Rochester, MN? I would so love some help with this cake! I know it will be fine - I'm just getting nervous since it is for my daughter, and I want it perfect! Thanks, again.
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