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I think that practicing is the best way to overcome all of those obstacles. Personally, I can read instructions and tutorials until I turn blue but actually doing it myself is totally different.With time, you'll be able to do it perfectly!
For the monogram, you can just print the letter(s) in a pretty font, put a piece of wax paper over it and use that as the template for your fondant/gumpaste letters. It worked for me!I hope that helps!
Personally, I don't reuse them. I think it would be too much of a hassle to get them back and they might not be in good condition, anyway.I just make sure that I work things like that into the cost of the cake that way I'm not spending any money out of my pocket.
Cute cake!I think that's an awesome idea to have a cake for the baby the day she's born!
Where did they post the pictures on their site? I don't visit the Wilton site very often so I'm not really familiar with it. Thanks!
Do the bride and groom want to save the top tier? When I have a cake for 100, I usually make a 6, 8, 10 and 12. The 6" is saved and the rest of the cake serves 118.I know that leaves some extra servings but with most of my wedding cakes, several people will go back for seconds. Plus, I think it's better to have some extra than not enough!I hope that helps and good luck!
Oh, I can just picture a cat eating a cake!I've had one experience with an animal eating my cake. My mom's then boyfriend had just gotten a chocolate lab puppy and I was in the process of making two Christmas cakes. Mom called me into the other room to show me some gifts she'd purchased and after a couple of minutes, we realized that the house was completely silent. We looked at each other and then sprinted into the kitchen. Little Java was standing with her front paws...
I always make sure that I buy 10x powdered sugar so that I never have to sift. It saves sooo much time!
Me too, GRAMMASUE! I love the look of a fondant covered borad. It just makes everything look so clean.
As long as you're fairly gentle, you shouldn't leave any finger prints in the fondant. I leave my dowels sticking out of the cake...about half of an inch. Then, I place the next tier on top of the dowels and they slowly sink down, allowing me to move my fingers/spatula.I'm delivering a 5 tier wedding cake tomorrow and I'll transport all tiers unstacked. That's just me, though...I'd have a heart attack if I stacked it at the house.
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