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I used the following calculator for all my conversions. I love it and it has helped me translate alot of recipes. 1 pound 32 tablespoons   2 cups   16 ounces  Good Luck with all those cookies
blucy I am not sure if this a state regulation but, I live just north of austin and as far as I know you need to make everything that is eible in a commercial kitchen . You should contact your local health department they should be able to give you more details on the matter. Good Luck [/i]
I agree with 1nanette. The tasting for my wedding cake was a slice of cake and most decorators that I spoke with were a slice of cake also. A 4'' double layer is perfect. Good Luck !!!!
Those nuts looked great!! Good luck with the cake I loved to see it when its finished
WOW I always have the same problem. I will have to try that. Thanks for the heads up Mary Ann.
I think I would try to avoid the pictures of him and his significant others. Maybe just pictures of him through the years. This might help avoid any uncomfortable moments.
I wish I would have read this earlier I would have loved to see it! Maybe next time
What did he do for a living? Does he like to eat something special? May be a simple cake with some characters on the top that would represent the family.
great question I would love to know this too.
I have heard that you can airbrush a little vodka on a fondant covered cake to help prevent condensation. I am not sure about buttercream though.
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