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I just got mine off of ebay. I have Sharon's videos and she uses them. They are sooo much easier than cutting those wooden dowels. I still put the one long wooden dowel in the middle down all the tiers.
Now, I feel stupid!! is late. I see now it is done in weight measurement instead of teaspoon, cup and so forth. SO I will go out and buy a scale. Thanks!!Brenda
1#5 oz sugar = 1#4 oz cake flour =3/4 oz baking soda=1/2 oz salt=9 oz whole milk =5 1/4 oz whole eggs =6 3/4 oz egg whites=3/4 oz vanilla paste=18 oz butter(melted) =6 oz vegetable oil =2 oz butter =1#4 oz butter =1#2 oz powder sugar =Thanks you guys!! Take Care! Brenda )
I made 200 roses for my daughter's wedding cake, and I bought Nicholas Lodge premade and it is the BEST!!!! Wonderful texture and did just what I wanted and dried nice.....
I just did my daughter's wedding cake for this past Saturday and the tiers were 5 inch high, and the sizes were, 12 10 8 and 6 and looked very nice.
Here is the close up of the roses. I did them in three different sizes and three different shades of pink.
Finally....yesterday was a beautiful day...the cake turned out just like I wanted this was a dream for my daughter and me. She didnot know what the cake was going to look like, but she did see some roses....My daughter and son in law were speechless. I have many many people to thank and this site with out you all I could NEVER of done this....So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!Cakes are 12, 10 8 and 6. Flavors are WASC with fresh raspberry...
Thank you all for your kind replies!! Really means alot!! I have made 75 rose buds in different shades of pink. For the rose buds I used one of the pink 5 petal quick rose. I am right now in the process of making 75 semi opened roses using 2 layers of the quick rose petals, then I have to make 75 of the full opened rose using 3 layers of the quick rose petals. So you can say I am up to my elbows in roses!! LOL.....My daughter's wedding is May 2nd. So I am behind the...
I did dust the calyx with avocado green luster dust.....should I use a different color??? I used avocado green with a hint of forest green to get the color for the calyx. I could not find moss green...then used the luster dust. I appreciate all the advice. Thanks! Brenda
Thank you ........I really does mean alot. After dusting and steaming the flowers do pop.....I could not of learned so much if not for everyone here!!! Thanks again everyone!! Brenda
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